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The Pharmacy at Wellington

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Location: Arkansas

Years in business: 5


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Being a part of PDS has been an incredibly motivating experience. It’s wonderful to be around a group of such positive individuals who see the potential that is still out there in independent pharmacy.

Brittany Sanders


  • Getting Out into the Community

    The Pharmacy at Wellington underwent some major operational changes this past year. The biggest impact of these changes is that the owner, Brittany Sanders, is now able to get out from behind the bench and into the community. She is developing relationships and is doing things like offsite immunization clinics, which is helping to reduce their reliance on just filling prescriptions.

“We had a wonderful year, our best year last year. Thanks to the changes we’ve made with PDS.”

We’ve started diversifying. That’s been one of our big goals, is to be able to make changes and rely less on just filling prescriptions.

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