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Thornhill’s Pharmacy

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Location: Texas
Years in business: 3


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Opening a new store has opened my mind to thinking differently. I am positioned to work ON my business, not just IN my business. I can focus on my relationships in the community and with physicians.

Jared Thornhill

  • Working On Your Business Leads to Growth

    Thornhill’s Pharmacy claims that working with PDS allowed them to take a step back and work ON their pharmacy, and it paid off. The success they have experienced has allowed them to transition from scared to excited and also allowed them to open a second location.

  • Choosing the Right Team

    Thornhill’s new location is a “catch-all” pharmacy. It’s going to be traditional retail, compounding, and  clinical services as well. They have hired a new PIC that’s going to run the new store; a compounding guru. She’s very intelligent in that field. They have also hired one of the top pharmacists in town to expand their clinical services and perform annual wellness visits.  Owner, Jared knows the value of a good team and is excited to be working with such talented individuals. 

What we’ve been able to do with PDS at our first location allowed us [to open] the second location.

I think that a lot of patients that go to Big Chains, they have a mindset that it’s expected that when you go to the pharmacy, you’re a number, you’re not treated with respect, and it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m excited for our community to be exposed to what we can provide for them.”

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