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RxAnalytics validated my reasons for staying with PDS; every few years there’s a new idea that shows me where I can continue to get value from my membership.

Kevin Arnold

  • PDS Helps Members Leverage New Technology

    A PDS member since 2008, Kevin was starting to reconsider renewing his PDS membership. After all, he had learned plenty during that time. “I felt like I had maxed out a lot of PDS’ value, but the RxAnalytics changed our tune on that,” Kevin said. As the industry changed, so did new opportunities emerge. The drug conversion process executed through RxAnalytics allowed his pharmacy to make a higher profit, as well as ensure that his patients were getting the best possible treatments for their specific needs. Employees at Village Discount Drugs were incentivized to help make those conversions, with Kevin creating a bonus program for employees who were successful in having doctors sign off on their medication suggestions.

  • Training Helps Owners with Leadership Skills

    Kevin, as well as his wife and business partner, Leah, participated in PDS’ Advanced Leadership Program. Designed to bolster leadership effectiveness and provide business owners with the skills, strategies, and techniques to help them become more compassionate and influential leaders, the program helped Kevin rethink how he approached some aspects of his business. It challenged him to think about how he relates to employees. It also helped him become more confident about the way he deals with people and any internal challenges that may arise in the workplace.

“A single program more than covers the cost of his membership, and the value of being a part of PDS goes well beyond direct profitability.”

“The financial successes we’ve had are huge.”

“Having the cushion from the RxAnalytics program really helped with the financial burden of opening a new pharmacy and purchasing a building.”

Take on new challenges with confidence like Village Discount Drugs’ owner Kevin.

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