Simplify Your Workflow.
Deliver Better Care.

Amplicare gives you the tools to grow your pharmacy with ease.

Improve patient outcomes with therapeutic optimization.

At PDS, we are always striving to find effective ways for our partners to improve patient care and increase profitability. One example is our RxAnalytics program. Another is our partnership with Amplicare, enterprise software that helps pharmacies streamline their workflows.

With Amplicare, independent pharmacy owners like you have been boosting their profitability in several strategic ways, including leveraging therapeutic data insights to deliver better patient care.

The software platform, which is integrated with our PDS platform, gives you the advantage of leveraging insights from all PDS members. With those therapeutic data insights, you can identify specific opportunities to improve patient outcomes while increasing your average margins per prescription.

In addition, Amplicare offers numerous solutions to grow your business through a streamlined workflow. They include the following:

Amplicare Match, one of the company’s premier solutions, eliminates the complications of comparing Medicare Part D plans. It allows you to identify ideal plans for each of your patients within seconds, providing a summary of your patients’ out-of-pockets as well as the costs to your pharmacy. With Amplicare Match, you can instantly enroll your patients with the information you already have on record.

Amplicare Advance helps you increase your pharmacy Rx revenue through improved medication adherence. The solution helps you manage your patients’ in-workflow, mitigate prescription side effects and automatically schedule timely refill reminders.

Amplicare Strengthen is a solution that helps you manage your DIR fees. Through medication adherence, you can significantly increase your pharmacy script volume, manage patient gap therapy and get DIR Impacting patient interventions directly in your daily workflow.

Leveraging PDS programs and experts with an incredible partner like Amplicare is an invaluable combination that will help your pharmacy achieve the goals and objectives you have always envisioned.

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Streamline Your Workflow

Leverage powerful automation to get better results.

Improve Medication Adherence

Ensure better patient outcomes through better service.

Increase Pharmacy Profitability

Boost script volume with industry-proven solutions.

Top Benefits

  • Leverage shared data for better insights

  • Simplify pharmacy workflow

  • Leverage patient data insights

  • Streamline platform integration

  • Increase medication adherence

Growth Impact

  • Drive more profitability

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Increase average margin dollars per prescription

Build a better pharmacy.

Learn how PDS and Amplicare can help improve patient care, lower DIR fees and increase your profits.