Eliminate the Pain of Patient Billing

AR Proactive’s automated invoicing helps you get paid with less stress.

Simplify the process of patient invoicing.

PDS has long recognized that patient billing can be a source of constant frustration. Whether it’s invoicing, collecting or managing multiple payment plans, the process of getting paid can be a time-consuming task that doesn’t always produce results.

Therefore, PDS has partnered with AR Proactive so you can start eliminating the hassles that come with patient billing.

Users of the software invoice management tool typically experience a significant improvement in collections — reporting increases in patient payments ranging from 25% to 300%. At the same time, they’re reporting an average 23% decrease in related costs to collect and a 400% increase in online payments.

AR Proactive, which integrates with your existing software and processes, works on your behalf through a user-friendly dashboard that automates patient invoicing, emails, follow up, IVR phone calls, text messaging, online payments and collection. And, better yet, there are no set up or percentage fees. You pay per activity.

Through AR Proactive’s automated platform, invoices are immediately mailed and emailed as soon as a patient has a balance. The payment details are simply worded, with a clear deadline, late fees and call to action outlined. Patients have the convenience of paying online or through automated payments.

With PDS’ financial experts and AR Proactive’s invoice management, you have access to the expertise and tools you need to succeed.

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Automated Invoicing

Spend less manpower following up on patient billing.

Increase Patient Payments

Simplified messaging helps increase payment rates.

Improved Patient Relations

Create friendlier interactions with customers.

Top Benefits

  • Automated patient invoicing

  • Simplified dashboard

  • Text messaging reminders

  • Streamlined follow-up

  • No set-up or percentage fees

  • No lock-in period

  • Protection from insurance audits for copay billing

Growth Impact

  • Reduce costs to collect

  • Increase patient payments

  • Improved customer service

Get paid more through better billing.

Realize a satisfying ROI with a system that boosts your cash collection. Learn how PDS with AR Proactive can help.