Protect Your Pharmacy Against Audits

Take tips from the PDS Audit Playbook to guard your business.

Gain confidence by being audit ready.

Having nightmares about getting audited? Many business owners do. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a PDS member, you have access to the Audit Playbook — an invaluable resource that can eliminate your fears about facing an audit.

At PDS, we’re committed to ensuring our members are able to thrive, no matter the circumstances. We provide extensive resources and tools to help you lessen the chances of getting audited, while giving you the confidence you need in the event that you are audited.

We consulted a team of legal experts to develop the Audit Playbook, a four-step process that helps you understand the audit process, including common PBM traps and triggers. The Playbook also provides a series of recommendations for before, during and after an audit — from managing your risks to ensuring that you’re attentive to details and standard systems and practices.

With the PDS Audit Playbook, you can be certain that you are 100% ready — managing your risks by capturing complete and accurate data, knowing your contracts and plan manuals and being aware of audit triggers.

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Exclusive Audit Training

Follow handbook for independent pharmacies.

Identify Audit Triggers

Lessen your chances of being audited.

Maintain the Right Systems

Develop the right practices to manage risks.

Top Benefits

  • Lessen auditing risks

  • Understand audit process

  • Protect your pharmacy

  • Adopt the right systems

  • Identify common traps

Growth Impact

  • Protect your business

  • Minimize interruptions caused by audits

  • Capture accurate data

Hey, PDS Member!

We’ve developed exclusive members-only resources for you to protect your pharmacy against audits.

  • Internal Audit Checklist
  • Standard Operating Procedure Template
  • Audit Results Tracker

Manage your risks caused by audits.

PDS equips you with the exclusive Audit Playbook to ensure your business thrives.