Your Partner in Health, From Diagnosis to Care

Help your patients take a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing through Cerascreen’s at-home, point-of-care tests kits.

Improve Health Outcomes with Personalized Patient Care

With cerascreen® in your corner, it’s never been easier to help your patients achieve a healthier version of themselves.

cerascreen® offers a wide variety of at-home, point-of-care test kits such as Cholesterol, Vitamin D, blood sugar, food allergies, and more.

Tests can be taken anytime and anywhere, and the collected samples are shipped via an included pre-paid envelope to our CLIA certified partner labs. Results are available online within 24-72 hours.

Recommend Tests -> Perform Tests -> Receive Results -> Build Actionable Proactive Plans for Your Patients

Why Choose cerascreen® as a PDS Preferred Partner

Pharmacies can offer cerascreen’s wide selection of test kits to their customers, performed either at home or on-site as point-of-care testing. Pharmacies can view these test results, then offer follow-up consultations and recommend additional products (e.g. supplements).

This new approach to health helps pharmacies improve the health of their customers, strengthen the pharmacy/customer relationship, and generate additional revenue.

Tests are quick and easy – a quick finger prick and the collected sample is sent to cerascreen’s CLIA certified partner labs via pre-paid envelope –  and you’ll get results within 24-72 hours.

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  • Easy and Convenient Testing

    Let your patients skip the doctor’s office with easy and convenient, at-home testing kits.

  • Improve Patient Health

    Help your patients meet their individual health goals faster with easy-to-read test results and clear, actionable guidance, including tailored diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

  • Eliminate 3rd Parties

    Skip the third-party caregivers with our network of providers. Simply recommend and order blood tests, and your pharmacy will own the customer journey from test to care.

Top Benefits

  • Cerascreen’s Extensive Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Test is recognized for testing the highest number of food antibodies

  • IgE Food Allergy Testing: cerascreen is the exclusive US provider of at-home IgE antibody testing of food allergens

  • Get the most affordable and accurate Vitamin D at-home tests with cerascreen

  • Since our founding in 2012, cerascreen has optimized their test-kits with nearly a decade of at-home testing experience

Growth Impact

  • Improve patient care

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Attract new customers and generate an additional revenue stream

  • Create better customer relationships and take proactive approach to health

  • Access to a network of providers to order and sign for tests

Improve patient outcomes.

cerascreen® supports patients who want to take their health into their own hands. Whether it’s to understand their own body and its needs, to learn about health, and to take targeted preventative measures, cerascreen empowers everyone to live a happy, healthy life.