Thrive with Clinical Services

Generate new revenue with a strategic plan to expand your services.

Improve patient care and your bottom line.

As an independent pharmacy owner, expanding your business through clinical services is a critical way to generate new revenue while accomplishing your goal to provide better patient care.

With PDS’ Clinical Services Track, you can confidently position your pharmacy to provide a numerous array of clinical services that benefit your patients, including immunizations, point-of-care testing, diabetes self-management training, and pharmacogenetics.

Our programs help you make the transition to a clinical services setting, including developing workflows, billing and infrastructure appropriate for the new offerings. PDS members work with their dedicated team to learn how to add value to their patient offerings through clinical services.

With the Clinical Services track, you can expect to realize the following benefits:

  • Improve patient care (patient safety, quality patient experience)
  • Reduce costs (lower costs of care, efficient costs of care)
  • Improve population health (decrease disparities, improve chronic care management outcomes)

In addition to increasing overall revenue, PDS members can expect to gain more personal satisfaction from the increased patient satisfaction.

If you are already performing clinical services in your pharmacy then you may want to learn about our Service-Based Pharmacy (SBP) program. If you are already performing services and consultations then SBP can show you how to get paid as a provider for services you already perform.

PDS also offers an accelerator program, Clinical Services Profit Ignitor, a training program designed for owners new to clinical services and those looking to take their established program to the next level. Click to learn more about Clinical Services Profit Ignitor.

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Increase Revenue

Generate new sources of income while providing better patient care.

Gain Efficiencies

Maximize your resources through medication synchronization.

Improve Patient Care

Positively impact the overall health of your community.

Top Benefits

  • Capture interventions

  • Maximize medication synchronization

  • Develop infrastructure

Growth Impact

  • Gain from upsell strategies

  • Attract new customers

  • Realize new revenue streams

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Check here for invaluable resources to help you develop a stronger strategy for clinical sales.

  • Workflow & Billing Analysis
  • Clinical Services Tree of Life

Grow your pharmacy with new services.

PDS puts you on the path for revenue-generating clinical services. Learn how it can help you and your patients.