Give Local Businesses an Alternative to Expensive Health Insurance Costs

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ECCHIC helps you
offer quality benefits
at competitive rates.

As a specialized broker in the health insurance industry, ECCHIC (Employers Committed to Control Health Care Costs) is committed to delivering benefits at affordable costs.

The insurance broker provides options that help independent pharmacists like you maintain the same level of coverage for both medical and pharmacy benefits, while eliminating the costly PBMs. Not only will you have the ability to offer your employees health insurance coverage, you can provide area businesses the same option for their own employees.

ECCHIC’s cost-management team offers a proven system that allows independent pharmacy owners to realize numerous advantages, including generating a steady stream of local prescription business, helping local businesses save on employee insurance plans and increasing margins while decreasing the overall cost to employers.

As a partner through PDS’s network, ECCHIC has a track record of supporting members gain control of healthcare costs and employee benefits.

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Offer great health insurance at cost-effective rates.

ECCHIC helps you stay competitive with
employee benefits while controlling overall costs.