EnlivenHealth™ (formerly FDS Amplicare)

Good for Your Patients. Good for Your Business.

EnlivenHealth™ gives you the tools to strengthen the health of your pharmacy and your patients.

Improve patient outcomes with therapeutic optimization.

At PDS, we are always striving to find effective ways for our partners to improve patient care and increase profitability. One example is our RxAnalytics program. Another is our partnership with EnlivenHealth™ (formerly FDS Amplicare), offering proven software that helps pharmacies strengthen the health of their patients and their business.

Using EnlivenHealth, independent pharmacy owners like you have been growing their pharmacy practice along with their revenue by utilizing software solutions designed to support both the clinical and the financial side of pharmacies.

With software solutions from EnlivenHealth, you will be able to:

  • Track reimbursements to the claim level and easily reconcile third-party payments
  • Bill the medical benefit for clinical care and get paid as a provider
  • Identify which patients are affecting DIR fees the most
  • Find Medicare plans that benefit your patients and your pharmacy
  • Automate your patient communication and outreach
  • Grow your non-prescription revenue and fight nutrient depletion
  • Improve patient adherence with medication synchronization

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Streamline Your Workflow

Leverage powerful automation to get better results.

Improve Medication Adherence

Ensure better patient outcomes through better service.

Increase Pharmacy Profitability

Boost script volume with industry-proven solutions.

Top Benefits

  • Leverage shared data for better insights

  • Simplify pharmacy workflow

  • Leverage patient data insights

  • Streamline platform integration

  • Increase medication adherence

Growth Impact

  • Drive more profitability

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Increase average margin dollars per prescription

Build a better pharmacy.

Learn how PDS and EnlivenHealth™” can help improve patient care, lower DIR fees and increase your profits.