Budget for a Healthier Pharmacy

Develop the financial skills to transform your pharmacy.

Get on the path to better budgeting.

Many independent pharmacy owners learned to excel in providing patients the best of care. However, developing the skills to run a profitable business may not have been part of that training.

PDS helps members address that critical gap through expert consulting and numerous course tracks, including finance, technology, marketing and more. With the PDS Finance Track, you’ll learn the real value in budgeting, including how a monthly variance analysis helps you truly understand the differences between actuals and what’s in the budget.

You also will gain the budgeting skills to combat poor cash flow, predict revenue shortfalls and more effectively plan for large cash purchases by forecasting future cash needs.

More importantly, the Finance Track will help you establish critical habits that could transform your pharmacy. For example, with just one hour a month devoted to the budget to actual variance exercise, you will experience improved cash flow and a better understanding of your financial statements just like many other PDS Members.

The specialized track also introduces innovative tools as a way of managing your budget more efficiently. It helps PDS members understand how to use PSA (professional services automation) to keep the budgeting process effective and less time consuming.

At the end, you’ll learn how to …

  • Avoid items that are not budgeted for
  • Do a monthly variance analysis
  • Understand the difference between actuals and what’s in the budget
  • Perform monthly budgeting exercises
  • Better understand financial statements

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Expert Consulting

Learn how to handle your finances like a professional.

Budget Exercises

Establish important habits that can change your pharmacy’s trajectory.

Automate Processes

Realize efficiencies through PSA.

Top Benefits

  • Strategic budgeting exercises

  • Learn financial best practices

  • Budgeting automation

Growth Impact

  • Predict revenue shortfalls

  • Effectively plan for future growth

  • Combat poor cash flow

Hey, PDS Member!

We are invested in your success! That’s why we have developed these critical budgeting exercises to ensure the profitability of your pharmacy:

  • Profit vs. Cash Flow
  • PDS Audit Playbook
  • 2019 Conference Cash Flow Presentation
  • Inventory Control Policy and Procedure Template

Develop the financial skills for success.

Discover how improving your financial skills can help your pharmacy thrive.