Drugs Expire.
Your Profits Shouldn’t.

Don’t let your money be part of the billions lost in expired drugs every year.

A reverse distributor is the partner no pharmacy can afford to overlook.

With pharmacy margins under attack from PBMs and other market pressures, allowing valuable expiring product to go to waste is unacceptable. Choosing the right reverse distributor—one with industry expertise, customized customer service, and cutting-edge technology is critical to your business. With Flash Returns, turning your aging products into profits is safe, simple, and takes just seconds. We partner with independent pharmacies, hospitals, LTCs, GPOs, clinics, & veterinary services across the country to save the most valuable things to your business—time and money. Sign-up, scan, & ship today to start saving! Have questions? Give us a call and talk to one of our reps right away!

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No Nickel & Diming

Our entire process from our prices to your payouts is clear and cost-effective. You won’t find hidden fees and additional destruction costs like other companies.

Sign Up, Scan, & Ship!

With our same-day sign up and simple proprietary portal, you can scan your out-of-date product to ship out today!

Customized Customer Service

Call us and find out— any question or concern you ever have will be answered with prompt responses, not phone prompts and more voicemails.


Top Benefits

  • Leverage shared data for better insights

  • Simplify pharmacy workflow

  • Leverage patient data insights

  • Streamline platform integration

  • Increase medication adherence

Growth Impact

  • Drive more profitability

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Increase average margin dollars per prescription

Helping Pharmacies Navigate the Returns Process Since 2017

Learn how we make your return simple, easy, & hassle-free.