Transform Dead Inventory Into Cash

Partner with Flash Returns to increase your pharmacy’s profitability.

Leverage the benefits of a simplified reverse distributor.

Our PDS experts understand how critical inventory management is to your bottom line. Without the right strategy, your pharmacy could be losing out on a significant amount of cash — every single year. And without proper disposal, you run the risk of compliance violations.

That’s why we teamed up with Flash Returns, a company that provides strategic solutions to help you manage risks and boost revenues through reverse distributor services. The company’s founders, who have decades of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry, want to ensure that you get more from your aging inventory with ease. Flash Returns also provides the support you need to stay in compliance with various drug disposal policies.

With the expert insights provided by the PDS team coupled with the services of Flash Returns, you will be positioned to increase your pharmacy’s profitability as well as ensure you’re complying with public safety regulations.

Flash Returns allows you to fully leverage reverse distribution as part of a fully transparent, efficient process. PDS members qualify for special pricing for several special services, including the following:

Express Return: Save time and money through Flash Returns’ express service. Simply print a shipping label and send a box of your expired pharmaceuticals to the company as part of a transparent process that results in an invoice.

Self-Service Return: Using the company’s state-of-the-art website, your team can quickly create a packing slip of all expired pharmaceuticals. You will be provided a shipping label along with a custom pickup date.

Disposal Service: Have non-returnable pharmaceuticals? Flash Returns provides a flat rate disposal service to ensure that your pharmacy is conveniently and safely managing these drugs.

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Streamline Returns

Save time with convenient processes.

Manage Inventory

Realize more profits from “dead” inventory.

Maintain Compliance

Ensure the safe disposal of nonreturnable drugs.

Top Benefits

  • Improve inventory management

  • Hassle-free return

  • Transparent process

  • Easy, rapid registration

  • Flat rate disposal service

  • State-of-the-art technology

Growth Impact

  • Drive profitability

  • Increase efficiencies

  • Preferred pricing

Start realizing more profits.

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