Focus on Your Next Move with Flexible Financing Options by Health Growth Capital

PDS’s preferred lender offers working capital lines of credit
to keep your pharmacy moving in the right direction.

PharmLine™ supports
independent pharmacists.

Want to consolidate some debts? Or faced with challenges with cash flow? Reimbursement delays, audits and unpredictable charge backs can make it difficult for independent pharmacists like you to manage day-to-day operations, let alone focus on future growth plans.

Health Growth Capital, a direct lender to healthcare businesses, understands those priorities. The lender gives independent pharmacy owners like you a financial safety net so you can operate your business smoothly — no matter the challenges you may be facing.

Health Growth, a preferred PDS partner, recently introduced PharmLine™, a revolving line of credit that’s designed to help pharmacy entrepreneurs focus on growing their business while managing day-to-day operations.

With PharmLine™, you can qualify for $25,000 to $1 million of credit in as little as five days — at competitive rates. Whether you need to consolidate debt, hire staff, purchase products in bulk, pay down vendor lines or launch a new marketing strategy, a loan or line of credit from Health Growth Capital can help you go further in less time.

In addition to helping you make improvements or gain financial flexibility and liquidity, a line of credit also provides extra insurance during emergencies. Many businesses make the mistake of applying for a loan when they’re in a bind — which is exactly the time they typically will not qualify. PharmLine™ helps you manage your pharmacy with less stress when monetary challenges inevitably come your way.

Get the right financial support at the right time so you can focus on the most important aspects of running your independent pharmacy — including providing the best care to every one of your customers.

In selecting Health Growth Capital as its preferred lender for members, Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) noted that the company shares its belief that independent pharmacists deserve to thrive because they are the best places for patients to get the care they need.

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Flexible Financing

Get funds to help you adapt to fluctuations in your business.

Working Capital

Financing options of up to $1 million help you focus on future growth.

Revolving Credit

Get the right amount of support when you need it.

Use a line of credit to …

  • Consolidate debt
  • Pay down or catch-up vendor lines
  • Eliminate disruptions from DIR fees or reimbursement delays
  • Hire staff
  • Take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts
  • Launch new marketing or service initiatives
  • Purchase OTC products such as CBD
  • Make improvements such as becoming USP 800 compliant

Top Benefits

  • Flexible financing

  • Quick approval time

  • Customized plans

  • Competitive terms

  • Superior service

Growth Impact

  • Working capital

  • Profitability

  • Stability

  • Predictability

Start focusing on your future plans.

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line of credit that supports your growth.