Grow Your Business with a Deeper Level of Trust

Focus on gaining trust among your employees
and customers to impact your bottom line.

Enhance performance by
building better relationships.

With greater trust between you and your staff, your pharmacy will inevitably benefit from better customer service. And that’s one of the ingredients for sustainable growth and overall success. When there is low trust there is a high cost to business and the bottom line.

It’s worth the investment to strategically go after an environment built on trust. Leadership 3.0, which is created as the next level to Advanced Leadership Program, focuses on developing inner trust first and then proceeds to generating trust among your team and customers.

With Leadership 3.0, a 2-day regional class, you’ll learn to make business decisions with confidence.

Leadership 3.0 Training Sessions

Stay tuned for 2022 dates!

Who should attend Leadership 3.0 Training?

  • PDS Members that have completed Advanced Leadership Training

Leadership 3.0 is available
exclusively to PDS members.

Pricing for Leadership 3.0

  • $1,000 Elite and Premier Members
  • $2,000 Member List Price

PDS Members: Click here if you need the code.

Create Inner Trust

Learn to build confidence in your decision-making.

Build Trust

Improve trust with patients and employees.

Improve Customer Service

Enhance patient experiences.

The change that I have seen in my team and culture is nothing short of a miracle. If you think you’re doing fine. Think again.

Jenny S.
PDS Member

Top Benefits

  • Better relationships

  • Improved trust

  • Enhance customer service

  • Build self-confidence

Growth Impact

  • Create sustainable growth

  • Improve employee morale

  • Enhance profitability

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Get better results with a foundation built on trust.

Develop a focus on others to
achieve business success.