Market Your Pharmacy Like a Pro

Keep up with the evolving methods of
marketing that keeps your business ahead.

Develop a marketing plan
that ensures your success.

Your pharmacy is unique. Make sure you’re marketing your best selling points so that you’re attracting more customers and retaining the ones you already have. We’ll show you how.

Marketing Track gives you the tools and expertise you need to market your pharmacy inside and outside of your four walls, including digital strategies that will leverage your success.

The course is led by marketing experts who will help you identify the best ways to promote your pharmacy to your targeted audience. And you’ll have access to a team that will help you develop a marketing plan that highlights your unique features.

Get unlimited access to marketing templates, case studies of successful marketing campaigns and a team of experts who have decades of experience you can leverage.

As a PDS member, you also have access to our Marketing Mastermind calls that every owner, store manager or marketing manager can attend. All our invaluable marketing assets including marketing mastermind recordings are available in the PDS member portal PDSadvantage.

Put your pharmacy on a growth track with marketing strategies that lift you above the competition.

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Expert Consulting

Learn from experts on how to best market your pharmacy.

Winning Strategies

Create a marketing plan that highlights your advantages.

Gain More Sales

Attract more customers with strategic marketing.

Top Benefits

  • Strategic marketing

  • Customized plans

  • Access to best practices

Growth Impact

  • Drive more profits

  • Gain more customers

  • Edge out competitors

Hey, PDS Member!

You don’t have to start from scratch. We’ve created these game-changing assets to help you. Create more wins now.

  • CBD Marketing Strategy
  • PDScampaigns
  • High Profit Product Webinars
  • Flyers to Attract New Customers
  • Marketing Mastermind Calls

Build a marketing plan that drives more profits.

PDS gives you the tools, strategies and support to create a winning strategy.