Lower Credit Card Processing Fees Without the Headache of Changing Payment Providers

MCC believes you are probably paying too much in credit card processing fees. We can help your pharmacy identify savings with your current provider and put money back in your pocket. No switching is needed!

Problem Solved: Reduce Credit Card Processing Costs

Merchant Cost Consulting was founded with the purpose of helping businesses navigate the credit card processing industry. Merchant service fees can be difficult to understand and one of the biggest expenses for pharmacy owners to incur.

Merchant service providers tend to have numerous hidden fees and surcharges, along with large monthly fees that are meant to be purposely deceitful.

MCC was established to become a part of our client’s team to handle their merchant service fees to ensure they are always paying a fair and honest price.

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Lower Processing Fees

MCC audits your accounts and negotiates lower credit card processing rates, driving down costs from your current providers.

Save Time With Monthly Monitoring

When rates increase, our team works to get the rates back down and issue any applicable refunds.

MCC Negotiates. You save the stress.

MCC handles the negotiations of your contracts with your current vendors to get your pharmacy the best prices.

An Online Credit Card Processing Consultant


Top Benefits

  • Extensive savings reports

  • Fast response time

  • Monthly auditing

  • Relentlessness to achieve optimal savings

  • Ease of use - little to no work required

  • No switching of credit card processing companies needed

Growth Impact

  • Reduced bottom line expenses

  • Increased profits

  • Zero switching needed - your day-to-day operation stays the same

  • Ability to allocate new profits to other areas of business

Eliminate hidden fees and pricing traps.

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