Help More Patients. Diversify Revenue. Achieve Long-Term Growth and Financial Success.

Pharmacists are looking for solutions to meet unique patient needs while diversifying revenue. PCCA helps pharmacists create personalized medicine that positively makes a difference in patients’ lives while generating non-PBM reliant revenue.

Your trusted partner for developing a successful compounding practice.

With PCCA, your pharmacy gains access to the most comprehensive catalog of the industry’s highest-quality products, instant online availability of more than 9,000 verified formulas, a team of 20+ experienced clinical compounding pharmacists available 24/7, and accredited compounding training to give you the confidence to succeed.

From industry-defining base technology to pharmacy software to marketing inspiration, when you join PCCA, you join a caring community invested in making a difference in patients’ lives with personalized medicine.

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Compound Confidently

Find the confidence to compound successfully with the highest quality products, continuous clinical support, and advanced level training.

Generate Sustainable Revenue

Compounding creates a cash-based, non-PBM reliant revenue stream.

Reconnect with Personalized Medicine

Rediscover the professional fulfillment that comes from working with patients and practitioners to solve unique health challenges.

Top Benefits

  • A team of 20+ full-time clinical compounding pharmacists with real-world expertise to answer questions 24/7, typically within 20 minutes.

  • A database of 9,000+ scientific based formulas developed and lab-tested by our dedicated team of pharmacists and formulation specialists.

  • Hands-on training in our state-of-the-art lab, specialty-focused conferences and symposiums and marketing education and online, self-paced courses.

  • The industry’s largest catalog of compounding products and hard to find chemicals—all backed by The PCCA Standard, our commitment to going above and beyond required standards.

  • Work with the global leader in innovation and development of unique base technology.

  • Be a part of an organization that advocates daily to advance the compounding profession.

Growth Impacts

  • Significantly increase gross profit margin in a cash-based market compared to reimbursements on traditional medications.

  • Gain the confidence and support needed to build a thriving and successful compounding practice.

  • Maximize the overall value of a pharmacy and provide strategic options for a successful exit strategy.

  • Effectively leverage their skills, knowledge and education to benefit their community with personalized medication solutions.

Grow Your Pharmacy and Personalize Medicine

For patients, compounding can be life-changing, even lifesaving. And, it’s highly rewarding for compounding pharmacists and practitioners, helping them solve some of health care’s toughest challenges through personalized medicine.

Let us help you get started.