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With PDS and Pharmacy Compliance Consulting, you can navigate the pharmacy industry’s unique challenges.

Running an independent pharmacy can be incredibly fulfilling, especially when you’re able to focus on what you do best — delivering unparalleled patient care. However, challenges are inevitable, especially when you’re navigating the complex terrain of PBM auditing, contracts, state and federal laws, and manuals.

PDS has chosen to partner with Pharmacy Compliance Consulting, a consulting company owned and operated by prior PBM auditors and insiders. Members can access legal expertise specifically related to their challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. The PCC team assists both small and large pharmacy operations with solutions to help them fight audits, facilitate change, and develop the right foundation to optimize performance and productivity.

Pharmacy Compliance Consulting assists you with the audit process — from previewing claims prior to audits to formulating written appeals.

It also provides the expertise you need to obtain contracts, even in cases where your efforts previously have been unsuccessful.

PDS members have unique access to Pharmacy Compliance Consulting in their ABC’s of PBM Billing course, which is only available to PDS members. Click here to learn about how valuable this course can be for your business.

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Expert Consulting

Leverage the best experts to defend your business.

Contractual Assistance

Learn how you may have been unjustly denied contracts.

Grow Your Business

Gain insights on how to remove barriers to your growth.

Top Benefits

  • Survive audit practices

  • Fight unjust PBM claims

  • Manage inventory audits

  • Minimize potential fines

Growth Impact

  • Obtain profitable contracts

  • Protect your pharmacy

  • Achieve your vision

Protect your business investment with expert legal help.

PDS and Pharmacy Compliance Consulting solves your critical issues so you can grow. Find out how.