Thrive By Creating a Systems Strategy

Take the next step to a more profitable pharmacy.

Document best practices your team can follow.

To experience any type of real growth as an independent pharmacy owner, you eventually have to let go. That means you need to establish and document best practices that others can follow.

And if you’re able to effectively communicate those systems with employees, your pharmacy can be on the path to increased profitability. You’ll be able to delegate responsibilities to your staff members, and tackle other critical areas that ensure your continued growth.

In PDS’ course Surefire Systems for Sustainable Growth, you can gain the confidence to identify the areas in your company that warrant a system or a subsystem. It also provides tools and resources on how to document your best practices, communicate with your team and produce your best results.

The Surefire Systems course material includes an eight-step process for creating a sustainable system, an outline on how to identify the seven main areas of your business that likely require a system, and the skills needed to successfully roll out new systems in your organization.

The best part? With the lessons learned in Surefire Systems, you can ensure your business is running smoothly, even when you aren’t working.

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Establish New Systems

Gain more efficiencies by delegating tasks.

Identify Workflows

Learn to understand which areas require systems.

Develop a Path for Growth

Delegate essential responsibilities with confidence.

Top Benefits

  • Learn to identify need for systems

  • Provide tools to train employees

  • Gain access to best practices

  • System Creator templates

  • Enhance communications

  • Achieve better work-life balance

Growth Impact

  • Measure to ensure profitability

  • Improve business workflows

  • Increase efficiencies

PDS is the best investment you will ever make, into your business. I wish I could tell every pharmacy owner I know about this.

Jennifer Tatum-Crawford
PDS Member

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