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Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) is a healthcare quality improvement company that delivers insights and guidance to support healthcare efforts to optimize the quality of medication management and use for the populations they serve.

Our flagship platform, EQUIPP®, provides standarized, benchmarked data and insights to help shape strategies and guide medication-related performance improvement. EQUIPP®, our performance information management platform makes it all possible. Measure your performance over time and recalibrate toward greater success.

Use EQUIPP® to better understand quality measures and discover patient improvement opportunities for a healthier world.

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Standardized Connectivity and Performance Expertise

We connect key payers with 95% of pharmacies nationwide to accelerate how the industry collaborates while infusing our deep clinical and operations management knowledge in everything we do.

Harness the Power of Data Analytics

We customize benchmarking and data insights to optimize opportunities.

Drive Better Patient Outcomes

We get there by continuing to enhance our portfolio of pharmacy and medical-based measures.

Top Benefits

  • We enable neutral, standardized connectivity and connect key payers with 95% of pharmacy nationwide to accelerate how the industry collaborate

  • Our partners represent nearly 90% of all Medicare Part D lives and 95% of community pharmacies

  • Our industry-leading platform, EQUIPP®, provides standardized measurement and reporting on medication use quality measures and value-based reimbursement programs focused on medication adherence, health outcomes and patient safety

Growth Impact

  • Our flagship platform EQUIPP® is the go-to source for data and insights between payers and providers to help shape strategies and guide patient quality-improvement opportunities

  • EQUIPP® hosts a range of performance measures from measure stewards, PQA and NCQA, according to detailed specifications

    Payers and PBMs can customize programs with the measures that matter most to their performance strategy

  • Pharmacies are a key component to addressing health equity gaps. EQUIPP® can display select payers’ immunization opportunities, allowing you to identify patient targets for outreach to keep your communities healthy

  • EQUIPP’s documentation feature allows payers and pharmacies to organize their efforts for patient and provider outreach

    We enable two-way communications for those programs that want to promote a deeper level of engagement

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