Simplify Point-of-Care Testing

Physician 360 ensures easy implementation.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams With Physician 360’s Point-Of-Care Testing

Build upon your success as an independent pharmacy owner with Physician 360’s tools — all designed to help you compete against the large chains with on-site clinics. Physician 360 has been helping business owners like you attract new patients and ensuring that they become long-term loyal customers.

With Physician 360’s rapid test kits and telemedicine consultations, pharmacies can play an expanded role in patient care and provide another touchpoint with patients as an urgent care alternative.

Why Physician 360 as a PDS Preferred Partner

Although numerous point-of-care testing companies operate in the industry, Physician 360 has worked tirelessly to ensure a workflow that makes sense for busy pharmacists as well as full regulatory compliance.

We believe all point-of-care testing companies have that same level of commitment. Physician 360 has also built a network of state-specific, licensed medical providers, that are available 365 days a year, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of establishing a collaborative practice agreement.

PDS also identified Physician 360 as an invaluable partner for our members because of several critical ways it can propel your growth:

  • Generates two sources of revenue — the sale of the rapid test kit and filling the treatment prescription. With this tool, customers can perform the test right in your pharmacy.
  • Four essential test kits: Physician 360 provides rapid test kits for strep, flu, anemia and UTI.
  • New patients: Physician 360 kits are proven to bring in new customers, according to pharmacies that use them. They report that a majority of customers that buy the kits are new — increasing overall foot traffic. A good number of these new patients transfer their regular chronic medications over to the pharmacy, creating a measurable lasting benefit to those selling Physician 360 kits.
  • Revenue without the PBM: Physician 360 kits are HSA and FSA eligible but do not bill through insurance. This means you can control your revenue from these sales.
  • Free co-marketing: All pharmacies that carry Physician 360 kits are listed on the company’s website and frequently featured in social media posts.
  • Continued expansion: Physician 360 is continuously expanding, with a goal of being available in all 50 states by the end of year.

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Patient Satisfaction

Patients can get quicker results.

Ease of Use

Patients can perform tests themselves.

Boost Revenue

Attract new customers.

Top Benefits

  • PDS Member discounts

  • HSA/FSA eligible

  • No insurance billing

  • Telemedicine physician visit included in kit price

  • Ability to take the test home

  • Ease of use

  • Free training webinars

  • Cost-effective

Growth Impact

  • Improve patient care

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Attract new customers

  • Boost profitability

Enhance customer loyalty.

With Physician 360, you not only have the ability to attract more customers — you have the tools to maintain a loyal customer base. Contact us to get started.