Clinical Services to Compete with the Chains

Transform your independent pharmacy into the next generation of minute clinics.

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Diversify Your Revenue Streams & Increase Patient Access to Affordable Care

Your Patients Get More Cheap Telemedicine Consults. You Get More Margins.

Build upon your success as an independent pharmacy owner with Physician 360’s tools — all designed to help you compete against the large chains with on-site clinics. We pair on-demand telemedicine consults with rapid test kits for UTIs, Strep, Flu, Ear Infections, and COVID for a cost-conscious way to offer clinical services so you can compete with retail chains.

Physician 360 has been helping business owners, like you, attract new patients and ensuring that they become long-term loyal customers.

With Physician 360’s rapid test kits and telemedicine consultations, pharmacies can play an expanded role in patient care and provide another touchpoint with patients as an urgent care alternative.

Why Physician 360?

People get sick unexpectedly and they need access to quick and affordable care. Several simple medical conditions lack a care setting that provides diagnostic accuracy, convenience, and are reasonably priced.

Independent pharmacies are looking for a cost-conscious way to offer clinical services so they can compete with retail chains. We provide them a way to compete, attract new patients and fill more high-margin prescriptions, through a turnkey solution.

Pharmacies are currently facing increased fees, decreasing margins, and an increased need for customer-centric services. An NCPA survey about pharmacy financial health found that DIR fees are the number one business challenge for 52% of pharmacies in 2020. The growth of new entrants like Amazon, paired with more customers wanting digital services, also squeezes pharmacy margins.

A successful pharmacy can have five consults per month, five prescriptions per month, and two test kits sold per month.

We help increase profitability with margins on physical products. Additionally, we help pharmacies maintain competitiveness with digital health services for their customer base, increasing customer loyalty so that pharmacies can benefit from the fulfillment of resulting prescriptions.

Scenarios for a Pharmacy to Use

  1. A patient has come to the pharmacy for a medication refill. They are out of refills. They can scan the QR code and create an account. In just 10-15 minutes, they’re able to speak with someone about their refill and take home the medication they need.
  2. Patient has come in for a rash and they need an oral steroid. The pharmacist cannot prescribe, so they tell the patient to scan the QR code to start a visit. The patient is able to get the prescription they needed for the rash while still in the pharmacy rather than going to another health center.
  3. A customer has flu symptoms. Rather than spending time and money at an Urgent Care, they remember learning that your pharmacy has rapid testing. They come in and purchase a flu test. A member of your staff spends 1 minute administering the test and your pharmacy earns a $10 margin. The patient validates the rest with Physician 360. They are able to consult with a medical professional about their results without any additional purchases. They take Tamiflu home with them and reduce symptoms by 50%.
  4. Your customer has recurring UTIs. They purchase 3 at-home UTI tests by Physician 360. Every time they think they have a UTI, they can test at home, speak to a provider, and send a prescription to your pharmacy. You deliver the prescription to their home, saving them time and adding convenience.
  5. You know you have a patient that could benefit from a compounding medication you have. You speak with them for a pharmacy consult and document notes in your private, HIPAA Compliant pharmacy persona login. You recommend they speak with Physician 360 to get the prescription needed. They initiate a consult and as long as medically okay, we speak to them and prescribe the compound back to your pharmacy.

Learn more about Physician 360

  • On-Demand Telemedicine

    The only on-demand telemedicine provider that partners with community pharmacies to increase clinical services for your customers.

  • Gain More Patients

    Physician 360 provides physical marketing materials, digital marketing assets, a daily customer service hotline, staff training, aid updating your website, and more!

  • Boost Revenue

    Boost revenue with customized medicine by easily prescribing unique formularies.

Top Benefits

  • Generates New Sources of Revenue

  • Gains New Patients for Independent Pharmacies

  • Telemedicine Services with Accurate Rapid Test Results

  • Cost-Effective For Your Patients

  • Ease of Use

Growth Impact

  • Improve Patient Care

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Attract New Customers

  • Boost Profitability

Enhance customer loyalty.

With Physician 360, you not only have the ability to attract more customers — you have the tools to maintain a loyal customer base. Contact us to get started.

Limited Time Special Offer

Mention the code PDSWEBINAR through April 30, 2022 for 50% off your program set up fee and get complete access to our telehealth subscription for only $99.95 each month.