Make Your Data Work For You

Streamline your pharmacy’s data while bringing revenue back.

A no-cost partnership program for pharmacies to monetize their market level data.

Scriptera was developed to help independent pharmacies take back what is theirs and help increase their revenue.

Scriptera partners with independent pharmacies to help them monetize THEIR market-level data.

What is Market Level Data? Data related to a script: who prescribed it, when it was written versus filled, how it was paid for (cash or insurance) the quantity of the script and the refills prescribed.

What’s the problem? This data is being bought and sold behind the scenes already, but Independent Pharmacies are not seeing any of the revenue that is being generated come back to them – Scriptera wants to change that for you!

The best part you ask? There is absolutely NO COST associated with joining the Scriptera Network!

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Save Money

Scriptera does not charge anything to become a member.

Save Time

There is no additional time needed for Scriptera’s program for the pharmacy to benefit.

Grow Your Revenue

We help bring pharmacies with revenue they are currently missing out on.

Top Benefits

  • Transparent process

  • Easy, rapid registration

  • State-of-the-art technology

Growth Impact

  • Drive profitability

  • Increase efficiencies

  • Preferred pricing

Let your data work for you.

Learn more about how PDS’ partnership with Scriptera can help pharmacies take back what’s theirs and start gaining more revenue.