Service-Based Pharmacy

The future of independent pharmacy is here, now, today. Get paid as a healthcare professional for the services you already provide.

Why Service-Based Pharmacy?

Now is The Time

2019 was a challenging year with the increased pressure of higher DIR fees, GER, NER, BER and all the other acronyms that the PBMs use as clawbacks. Right now, not five years from now, you can improve your cash flow and reduce the control PBMs have on your business finances. To do that you need to change the game and tilt it in your favor.

Typical pharmacies have somewhere between 93-97% of revenue coming from the prescription part of their business. What if 97% became 87%? What impact would that extra 10% of alternative revenue have on your business?

Moving to a service-based pharmacy model allows you to continue to provide excellent service and consulting to your patients and get paid for it, outside of the PBMs influence. You can bill for the services you already provide directly to the insurance plans as a credentialed provider. This will allow you to add to your top line and bottom line outside of the influence of the PBMs.

Get Started Today with Service-Based Pharmacy

What is Service-Based Pharmacy?

Service-Based Pharmacy is a complete turnkey clinical-based revenue program offered by PDS, exclusively for PDS members.


Become an in-network provider for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans of your choice


Access to a fully certified EHR platform for maintaining patient charts and clinical notes


Continuous development of new ways to use these tools to improve patient care and monetize your services


Pharmacists are not certified medical billers, therefore you need a platform that makes it easy


Learn to think like a provider and understand your scope of practice and the intricacies of medical plans


You and your team need training and coaching to evolve and bring services to life

Reduce Reliance on PBMs

Reduce your percentage of prescription revenue.

Improve Cash Flow

Add high margin revenue for services.

Add New Revenue Stream

Get paid for the services you already provide.

Service-Based Pharmacy is the Future of Pharmacy

Our Subject Matter Experts Dive Deeper into Service-Based Pharmacy


Real Services, Real Results.

Service-Based Pharmacy looks different for everyone. The good news is that you are probably already providing services for your patients that can be used in this model. Find out how to implement and the revenue potential for each service.


It’s time to make a decision.

Hear from PDS Founder, Dan Benamoz about why the industry is at a crossroads and why the time for Service-Based Pharmacy is now.


Is this a good fit for me?

The most frequently-asked question we get is “will this work for me?” Find out if the Service-Based Pharmacy model is a good fit for your pharmacy. 


The amazing launch.

Get a sneak peek into the launch of Service-Based Pharmacy at PDS 2020! The excitement is contagious and pharmacies are jumping in. 


The time to take back control is now. 

Watch this webinar to learn how Service-Based Pharmacy can change the way you do business by helping you improve patient care, think like a provider, and monetize services you are already providing.

If you’re like most pharmacies, the majority of your revenue is tied to prescriptions and the PBMs.

What if you could diversify your revenue sources? What if you could take back control? Would your pharmacy be more profitable?

We have the solution.

Top Benefits

  • Get Paid as a Healthcare Professional

  • Choose the Plans and Patients You Want to Serve

  • Affordable Credentialing

Growth Impact

  • Service Revenue Goes Right to the Bottom Line

  • Added Revenue per Patient

  • Stay Competitive

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