Accelerate Your Success with SyncRx

Take the steps toward improved patient health and
pharmacy efficiency with a proven implementation plan.

Get better results with SyncRx.

Give your pharmacy one of the most fundamental tools for success with SyncRx, medication synchronization that delivers maximum results. Not only will your patients start experiencing improved outcomes, your pharmacy will start operating more efficiently.

SyncRx improves inventory control and customer service — reducing the number of phone calls into your pharmacy and the number of out-of-stock medications. It empowers your team to be more proactive in addressing patients’ needs and, as a result, be instrumental in reducing hospital and doctors’ visits.

PDS gives members the ability to incorporate medication synchronization into their operations through its comprehensive and proven implementation SyncRx plan.

Whether you have 10 patients or 1,000 patients on your Med Sync program, the PDS SyncRx program can help you implement or optimize your program.

The PDS medication synchronization process and our SyncRx Learning Series will teach you the fundamentals on how to build your program. The program can be applied to those pharmacies who have automation and those who don’t and will accommodate any synchronization software or manual system.

With your PDS membership, you’ll have unlimited access to how-to videos, case studies from successful PDS members, marketing materials to grow your program and a team of PDS experts who have successfully implemented this program.

Interested in accelerating your program? We offer an excellent training opportunity with lecture style training, in-pharmacy observation and workshop activites to ensure you leave with the tools necessary to start or accelerate your med sync program (SyncRx+ Intensive).

Achieve the medication synchronization success you need today, for your patients and for your pharmacy.

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Improve Patient Health

Reduce hospital and doctor visits with proactive solutions.

Gain Efficiencies

Use synchronization to help your pharmacy run more smoothly.

Empower Your Team

Give your team the ability to anticipate demand and control inventory.

Top Benefits

  • Improve patient health

  • Improve pharmacy workflow

  • Transform your operations

  • Improve inventory control

Growth Impact

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Experience double-digit growth

  • Gain maximum efficiencies

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