Tap Into Exponential Growth With Powerful Medication Synchronization

Learn the world-class medication synchronization secrets that lead to better patient outcomes, more operational efficiencies, and greater business success. 

Drive more profits with SyncRx+ Intensive.

SyncRx+ Intensive now offers the rare opportunity to get inside the operations of a world-class synchronization program. 

Jason Turner at Moundsville Pharmacy, an industry leader and PDS Med Sync Guru, opens the doors of his pharmacy so you can learn how to identify the goals and impact of medication synchronization on the patient and the pharmacy. 

With this training, you’ll have the tools to create an appointment-based medication synchronization model that delivers benefits to both your patients and your pharmacy.  

PDS’ SyncRx+ Intensive takes the confusion and complexity out of synchronizing your patients with a process that creates convenience for your patients while enhancing the efficiency of your pharmacy. 

This program makes pharmacies more profitable, by increasing patient adherence, script counts, and reducing unnecessary losses and expenditures. 

SyncRx+ Intensive is divided into three learning environments: 

  • Lecture-style training, reviewing the process and workflow concepts of synchronization 
  • In-pharmacy observation of the process with an interactive Q & A component with Moundsville Pharmacy staff 
  • Workshop activities focused on setting goals, remodeling workflows, and identifying performance opportunities 

You’ll leave training with 5-10 real CMRs completed, along with information that can instantly lead to 20 to 40 patient interventions. You also will receive all the forms and tools you need for medication synchronization; no other subscription or software needed. 

A successful SyncRx+ program will allow you to pursue RxAnalytics, MTM and Clinical Services. It also establishes a great foundation to do data mining, MTM, Clinical Services or Bedside Delivery — the keys to a highly successful pharmacy. 

SyncRx+ Intensive Training Sessions

  • SyncRx+ Intensive – Fall (Moundsville, WV)

    2022 Dates Coming Soon

Who Should Attend SyncRx+ Intensive Training?

  • Pharmacy Owners
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians

For maximum impact in your pharmacy both the pharmacist and the technician working on the sync program should attend together.

SyncRx+ Intensive Training is available
exclusively to PDS members.

Pricing for SyncRx+ Intensive Training

  • $1,250 Elite and Premier Members
  • $2,500 Member List Price
  • Ticket Price Includes One Pharmacist AND One Technician

PDS Members: Click here if you need the code.

Receive Relevant Tools

No other subscription or software needed to start synchronization.

Gain Valuable Expertise

Leave training with CMR completed and info for patient interventions.

Reduce Inventory Loss

Minimize out-of-stock and other inventory challenges.

Everything we needed to start a program was handed to us in this training. The forms to run the program and guidance to change workflow patterns were comprehensive. Most importantly, the process was easy to understand and apply in our pharmacy. Overall, this was excellent, and I would recommend it to any independent pharmacy owner.

Jack S.
PDS Member

Top Benefits

  • Learn the "why" for synchronization

  • Gain skills for handling short fills

  • Improve inventory controls

  • Fewer out-of-stocks

  • Increase revenue and profits

  • Learn how to reduce inventory losses

Growth Impact

  • Increase annual fills

  • Boost profits with sync patients

  • Set foundation for data mining

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Boost your profits through synchronization.

Gain the skills to quickly implement
patient-focused processes.

Elevate your pharmacy with
SyncRx+ Intensive Program.

With the SyncRx+ Intensive Program, your team will gain the skills needed to conduct a Medication Therapy Review (MTR) — a process that helps you identify interventions unlikely discovered with routine prescription fillings. Not only will your pharmacy improve clinical quality measures and determine therapeutic alternatives, it will be positioned to capture opportunities for OTC UpSolutions.

Improve patient outcomes while boosting your profitability with SyncRx+ Intensive.

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Program Sheet