Build and Grow a High-Performance Team

Take your business further with strategies
that boost employee morale and productivity.

Increase productivity with expert
talent management solutions.

As a PDS member you have access to a group of experts who will help you build an excellent team and culture. Leveraging the PDS expertise and combining it with the valuable tools provided by The Oval Group is the best of both worlds.

No matter how hard-working you are as a pharmacy owner, the success of your business often depends upon overall employee performance.

If your team is happy, enthusiastic and high-performing, you’re more likely to have satisfied customers — which can translate into a more profitable business. A dysfunctional work environment, on the other hand, can cripple your pharmacy.

PDS and The Oval Group are dedicated to making sure independent pharmacists like you don’t leave the future of your business to chance.

The Oval Group is a talent management solutions provider that specializes in tools that enable business owners and corporate executives to make informed strategic decisions about their unique business and the people who hold the keys to its success.

The combination of PDS and The Oval Group will help you hire, retain and engage your employees through assessments, training and incentives designed to create a loyal team that helps you reach your goals.

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Engage Your Workforce

Implement strategies that align employees with matching opportunities.

Make the Right Hires

We help you avoid costly mistakes during the hiring process.

Uncover Gaps

Identify the skills needed to take your business to the next level.

Top Benefits

  • Attract Talent

  • Motivate Employees

  • Enhance Performance

  • Avoid Legal Mistake

Growth Impact

  • Increase bottom line

  • Boost productivity

  • Capture more sales

Maximize the productivity of your team.

Invest in a talent management
strategy energizes your employees.