The PDS Member Journey

Dream bigger. We’ll be right there with you — accelerating the growth of your company through a path specifically designed to help you overcome your challenges and reach higher levels of success. Gain the insights that have helped hundreds of independent pharmacists like you excel.

Every winner needs a game plan. We’ll customize the perfect strategy for you with our independent pharmacy programs.

At PDS, we believe you deserve to thrive as an independent pharmacy owner. We will use proven methods, strategies and tactics that will help you build a stronger business, provide better patient service and become a more effective leader. It’s a formula that’s designed to address your unique needs while helping you boost profits, operate more efficiently and minimize your stress.

Start inspiring your employees, winning over customers and outpacing your competitors with a strategic plan that puts you on a more successful path. We’ll guide the way, showing you what to focus on today, tomorrow and into the future.

PDS is relentlessly focused on leading independent pharmacy owners to success in today’s competitive and complicated marketplace. We want to see you win.

We Equip Independent Pharmacy Owners Like You with the Skills to Make Your Business More Profitable and Your Life More Enjoyable.

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Get the answers you need and the results you deserve with PDS.

“There are so many benefits from the education to the onsite visits, the coaching calls, the conference… they keep you ‘laser-focused’ on your business.”

“When you’re looking at it in black and white, and you’re in the red, you know you have to make some changes. PDS has taught me to adjust. They’re teaching me the things I need to be doing and helping me get out of my own way.”

“I encouraged my team to understand what it means to increase gross profits per prescriptions and what it will allow us to do as a team. Through the access of new opportunities and knowledge from PDS, they started to get it. When you see larger reimbursements and things are growing, people get excited. Everyone wants to be a part of it.”

“I like numbers. I like to be able to see and visualize what’s going on. Now when I implement a program, I can see if it worked so I can continue doing what I’m doing.”

“I’ve really been working on leadership within the store so that I’m able to focus my time on the bigger picture things.”

Realize the pharmacy of your dreams.

We’ll provide the step-by-step consulting and peer support to get you there.