Measuring & Tracking Success

Critical KPIs for Pharmacy Owners

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Would you set out on a cross-country drive without a navigation app or at the very least a map? We didn’t think so. Why would you run your pharmacy business without a way to stay on track towards your business goals?   

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and identified some of the most critical pharmacy specific KPIs. These numbers will serve as a framework to drive informed business decisions and ensure you’re taking the right steps to meet your goals.    

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  • What are KPIs?

    Key Performance Indicators measure how your pharmacy is performing.

  • Why Should You Care?

    Tracking KPIs will give you clarity to make informed business decisions and serve as a guide to ensure
    you’re on track accomplish your business goals.

  • KPIs Should Be:

    • Well-Defined and Quantifiable
    • Shared and Tracked by Your Entire Team
    • Specific to Your Independent Pharmacy Business

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