Pharmacy Marketing: Unlock the Millionaires Marketing Formula


Do you remember taking marketing or business classes in pharmacy school? Yea, we didn’t think so. That’s because pharmacy schools don’t teach for pharmacy ownership. Owners must go out and find unique and impactful ways to grow their business. Most do it through trial and error, and we respect those that do because that means they’re in for the hustle! But if you’re reading this blog, you know that there are better ways to grow your business than to take unnecessary risks on your money and time.

These better ways involve putting your faith in your pharmacy owner peers and trusted pharmacy experts. These people have done the research and development for you and have replicated success time and again. It all boils down to one question:

Would you willingly walk away from proven results, incredible ROI and steeper growth in your pharmacy?

Many owners will read this and walk away. We get it, no one likes to change unless their life depends on it. For those who are willing to jump in and get their feet wet, we’re talking to you.

At the 2018 PDS Super-Conference, we’re pulling out all the stops to make every single moment a teachable one. There’s no reason why you can’t find your aha moment while you’re eating lunch!

For each of the 3 days of the conference during lunch, we are hosting 11 tables with limited seats per table. Each table will have one of our Pharmacy Business Strategy Experts sitting there along with a few seats available to speak with the expert on their designated pharmacy strategy topic.

The topics per table are:

  1. RxAnalytics
  2. Pharmacy Marketing
  3. Transitions of Care
  4. Compounding
  5. SyncRx+
  6. Clinical Services Profit Ignitor (CSPI)
  7. Financial Analysis
  8. Personal Injury
  9. Employees
  10. Inventory
  11. Diabetes

These topics are our most lucrative and popular strategies that are proven to skyrocket pharmacy growth.

Watch this very short video below as Lisa Baker, our Strategy Expert in Pharmacy Marketing tells you what to expect at her table. Sit, eat and learn!

This is just one of 11 topics offered during lunch. Now we just made it easier for you!

Purchase your tickets to #PDS2018 and use the code SME18 to receive one free seat at a Pharmacy Expert table of your choosing for one of the days of the conference. But hurry, because the seats are limited and will sell out! Click below to get registered today! 


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