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Real Savings, Real Profits, Real Results: Hear From Members About the Impact of PDS

Big Profits & ROI

Learn how our PDS Members have succeeded in quickly earning back their PDS Membership investment and significantly increased their profits in the same year.

Why I Joined PDS

Listen to PDS Members explain why they joined PDS and continue to enjoy the benefits including; exclusive revenue generating programs, elite trainings, customized coaching, a member resource library, forums and networking opportunities with fellow owners!

Transformative Trainings

PDS has the most in-depth independent pharmacy focused trainings you will ever find. Expertly designed trainings include topics such as leadership, finance, profitability, clinical services, bedside delivery and many more. Hear what some of our PDS members say about how PDS Trainings have elevated their teams and their profits more than they ever imagined.

“You have to be sustainable, you have to be successful and that is really the PDS impact.”
Jason T.

“I’ve been able to save over $300,000 from the tips that were given at the PDS Super-Conference.”
Sandra H.

“With what I have learned, I regret selling my clinic. I would probably make more money if I still had that clinic by doing the clinical services with this [Program] than actually running the clinic.”
Larry S.

“Through the process [flu shots] I was able to send three daughters to college.”
Dan J.

“The impact has been almost immeasurable, from year to year, the things we continue to do…the benefits compound themselves.”
Chris L.

“My pharmacy flourished and grew…following my decision to join.”
Mike J.

“PDS provides me with my ideal lifestyle. I wanted to put my family first and have my social life. My business has to help provide those two things.”
Kevin A.

“The biggest impact from PDS has been the change in our culture. We now have our employees setting goals.”
Amy M.

“It’s given us motivation, it has given us the ability to believe in ourselves.”
Jeff K.

“They [PDS] encourages you to do the things that you need to do to make your business the best it can be.”
Jason K.

“There are so many benefits from the education to the onsite visits, the coaching calls, the conference…they keep you ‘laser-focused’ on your business.”
Andrew F.

“[PDS Trainings] has made me a much more effective manager and has made my staff much more engaged.”
Jim C.

“After attending Employee Performance Management, I realized I had never evaluated them, and they didn’t know where they stand.”
Amina A.

“They have helped me in so many ways, not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint…it’s been very rewarding.”
Bob L.

“Some of the things you might not want to talk about…and having to make tough hard decisions.”
Lea K.

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