Are You Raising Your Hand for an Audit Without Knowing It?

How Your Wholesaler Could Cause You to Lose Your Optum Contract

In 2018, Optum, a PBM responsible for over 20 percent of all insurance claims, required all wholesalers and suppliers to be VAWD Certified and if they’re weren’t, the pharmacy dispensing the drug can expect audits, clawbacks and possibly even loss of the contract. VAWD certification continues to be just important today.

While this certification is raising the standards on gray market drugs and is safer for the patients, it does create an extra layer of headaches for pharmacy owners. Especially when some wholesalers are not upfront about their status.

In our FREE Pharmacy Wholesaler Buyer Beware Guide, you’ll learn…

  • What it means to be VAWD certified
  • How to identify wholesalers that could be harming your standing with Optum
  • Why sourcing the cheapest drugs isn’t always worth the risk
  • The 3 questions to ask your new and existing suppliers
  • The impact reputable wholesalers can have on your bottom line and patients’ lives (We’re talking $3,000 in additional profits per week!)

The independent pharmacy industry is tough.
Margins are tight and it feels as if you’re constantly on the losing side of the “gotcha game” with the PBMs. While we’ll never be able to full abolish that challenge, we can mitigate it. But that requires being aware of the industry changes and taking proactive measures.

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