QCP’s Repack Program Will Improve Efficiency And Reduce Inventory Costs

You can improve efficiency and accuracy by leveraging repackaged medication from QCP

Many pharmacies consider making a large purchase of an automation machine in order to improve efficiency in the pharmacy. You can improve your workflow and accuracy without a large purchase. QCP’s newest program takes commonly dispensed medications and repackages them into unit-of-use sizes that eliminate the need for opening, pouring, counting and restocking inventory bottles. Learn how you can increase the efficiency of your filling team by participating in QCP’s repackaged medication program.

How Will The QCP Repack Program Affect My Pharmacy’s USP 800 Compliance?

Retail pharmacies need to conduct a risk assessment for each hazardous drug they have in their inventory and fill for their patients. Part of the assessment is the exposure level to the employees that are handling these products. With QCP’s repack program, employees’ risk is extremely low since the hazardous drug stays contained within the bottle and is never exposed into the pharmacy environment. This lower risk can mean using less PPE which reduces the operating costs for your pharmacy.

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Additional Information About QCP’s Repack Program

All of the repackaged prescription products are packaged under ​GMP standards and QCP is a VAWD accredited wholesaler.

  1. Cross reference on label with original manufacturer NDC for accuracy.
  2. Cross reference on your invoice with original manufacturer NDC for audits.
  3. Reduce your dispensing costs by labeling QCP’s bottle instead of using a pharmacy vial.

How Will The QCP Repack Program Affect My Pharmacy’s Efficiency?

Through purchasing commonly dispensed quantities instead of full sized bottles, you can reduce inventory overstock and improve your cashflow. With unit of use bottles, your employees can spend less time opening, pouring, counting and filling dispensing vials. Instead they can spend more time with your patients or on other revenue generating activities.

  • Reduce inventory overstock and improve cash flow

  • Reduce employee handling of hazardous drugs

  • Decrease the time to fill each prescription

  • Improve employee prescription filling capacity

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