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RxGenomix Is An Easy and Profitable Pharmacogenetic Program

Increase Profits By Interpreting PGx Test Results

Learn How To Start Getting Paid For Interpreting PGx Tests From Your Patients or Others

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Every pharmacy owner is feeling the pinch in their bottom line as retails prescriptions have become less profitable in recent years. You may be wondering what you can do to reverse the trend. PDS has several solutions for pharmacy owners and one surefire way is to diversify your revenue streams. Pharmacogenetic testing has been around for many years and there hasn’t been an easy, clear-cut path for pharmacists to actively participate while also earning additional revenue. RxGenomix has a turn-key program to make it easy to implement and simple to boost your profits. 

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Diversify Your Revenue Streams and Break Away From Your Reliance On the PBMs. 

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing is important now and becoming more critical in order to help patients get the right therapy and the right dose and to prevent drug interactions. Pharmacists are the drug experts and should own the expert position when it comes to PGx. Genetics has been a rapidly changing field and to ensure that you are clinically educated to provide interpretation services and to engage with patients and prescribers, RxGenomix has a CE course that provides 16 hours of CE and is required prior to beginning test interpretation. Once you begin interpreting tests, you can help patients get on the best therapy for the best outcomes AND make $90 per test interpretation. This fee is paid by RxGenomix for the clinical service of providing the test interpretation. There is No PBM, No DIR, No Clawback, No Billing. Improve your cash flow and increase your revenues and profits with RxGenomix PGx testing.

Earn $25 to $90 per each test interpretation done by your trained pharmacist

Collaborate and build stronger relationships with prescribers

Optimize your patients’ therapy to improve outcomes

Improve your profitability and increase your clinical reach with offering PGx

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Additional Information About RxGenomix’s Pharmacogenetic Solution For Pharmacies

Earn New Business, No DIR Fees, Improve Your Profits, Expand Your Service Offerings

1. No CLIA waiver is needed.2. Have multiple pharmacists available to do testing.3. No purchase of test kits or other inventory to drain your cash flow.4. Diversify your pharmacy’s services and create a unique marketing opportunity.5. Certification course, “RxGenomix Training Program in Pharmacogenomics” provides 16 hours of CE.6. ​​​Establish yourself as an innovator in your community.Imagine an area of your business that you could freely grow without the negative influence of PBMs!

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