Celebrating the Innovative Achievements of the PDS Community

Every year, we give our PDS Members the opportunity to share their success stories with others and chronicle the positive changes in every aspect of their life, both professional and personal. These stories serve as individual roadmaps to instruct and inspire other pharmacy owners to embrace the entrepreneur within.

Below, you will find the collection of honorees that have been chosen to share their journey with you. These stories are filled with triumph and inspiration for what is possible, regardless of where you are in your current journey.

We present to you our Showcase of Success Honorees. Enjoy!

2016 Honorees

Stacy Welling

Whaley’s Pharmacy

Eddy & Danny Blanco

VH Pharmacy

Sandra How

Triumph Pharmacy

Andrew Finney

Perkins Drugs

Bobbie Barbrey

Medicap Pharmacy

Trey Crawford

Diket’s Professional Drugs

Puja Khana

Remedy Rx Pharmacy

Michael and Bobby Muniz

Muniz Rio Grande Pharmacy

2015 Honorees

Peter Wolfe

Wolfe’s Pharmacy

Armando Bardisa

South Miami Pharmacy

Paul & Rebecca Reed

Reed Family Pharmacy

DJ Larson

Lehan Drugs

Chris Cornelison

luka Discount Drugs

Vicki Einhellig

Good Day Pharmacy

Mona Ghattas


Trey Crawford


Tom Choquette

Bert’s Pharmacy

2014 Honorees

Bob Lomenick

Tyson Drug Company

Roberta Vining

Riley’s Drugs

Angela & Robbie Stokes

Northside Family Pharmacy

Jason Turner

Moundsville Pharmacy

Jade Schuckman

Medicine Plus

Bobbie Barbrey

Medicap Pharmacy

Michael & Sheri Johnson

Maple Mountain Pharmacy

Jason Foil

Lumberton Drug

Chris & Michelle Kirby

Bowman Drug

Marty Kendra

Birdsboro Pharmacy

Mike Bemis

Bemis Drug

2013 Honorees

Alan DeFever

The Prescription Shop

Lori Kearney

Rivergate Pharmacy

Roberta Vining

Riley’s Drugs

Paul & Rebecca Reed

Reed Family Pharmacy

Cliff Holt

Hurricane Family Pharmacy

Mona Ghattas

Duran Central Pharmacy

Niel & Dixie Leikach

Catonsville Pharmacy

Mindy & Bryan Hutcheson

Bryan’s Family Pharmacy