Synchronization Bootcamp

Program Description

Learn the secrets of a world class synchronization program
by spending 2 days inside the industry leader and PDS Sync
Guru’s own pharmacy, Jason Turner at Moundsville
Pharmacy. While at the pharmacy learn how to identify the
goals and impact of synchronization on the patient and the
pharmacy. Discuss the best practices in synchronization,
workflow, inventory management and staff scheduling all
while watching it happen live and in action. Participate with
your team in activities designed to enhance your success in a
pharmacy with 55-60% of their prescription volume
controlled through synchronization.

Top Benefits
  • Training conducted by Jason Turner, RPH inside Moundsville Pharmacy
  • Better patient health and satisfaction
  • Improved pharmacy efficiencies
  • Improved pharmacy workflow
  • Better pharmacy financials
  • Improved quality measures
  • Curriculum is different than the SyncRx+ training
Sync boot camp

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Experience double digit growth of your SyncRx+ program in 12 months

Reduce your DIR fees by 1-2%

Potential increase of 20 additional refills per year per patient