2018 is the Year of the Independent Pharmacy Owner

If you’re a pharmacy owner and you missed the 2018 PDS Super-Conference, you left vast opportunities to grow your pharmacy on the table. That is the truth, plain and simple.

There were over 2,000 in attendance including the most progressive owners and professionals in the independent pharmacy industry. All of them piqued and ready to engage in the knowledge-sharing culture that has become synonymous with Pharmacy Development Services. Let’s break down PDS 2018.

Who Attends PDS’ Premier Pharmacy Business Conference?

To sum it up, they are life-long learners. Registering for a conference is easy, showing up is the next step, but it doesn’t guarantee value for your investment. Pharmacy owners that leave with new business insight and a clear understanding of what needs to be done once back at the grindstone have a singular quality that makes the difference between being in attendance and being truly present and engaged.

In the words of our leadership keynote speaker; they are Learn-It-Alls.’ Our most engaged attendees and successful members understand that…

  • There is hope and opportunity to grow in the independent pharmacy industry. Owners get frustrated by challenges facing their pharmacies such as DIR fees, below-cost reimbursements, and PBM abuses. Through thoughtful and active participation, the learners quickly realize that there is a way to make those issues irrelevant. Opening up to a new way of thinking allowed them to leave the show understanding that opportunity is right around the corner (and ready for the taking) when they focus on the factors within their control.
  • They are not the smartest person in the room. As Dan Benamoz is fond of saying, if he thinks he is the smartest person in the room, he’s in the wrong room! The people who attend are the top-performing owners in pharmacy who continue to climb because they know that they discover more growth by learning from each other. The PDS Learners ask questions, try new things, and empower their teams. The result is a thriving culture with an inspired pharmacy team operating at the top of their pharmacy license.
  • There is no competition among independents. We have a culture within the PDS membership that no independent competes with another. The heart of our mission is the idea that we lift each other up to reach new heights of success. After all, the more we help others, the greater our success will be. This credo is palpable at the conference, with so many of our attendees connecting and fostering beneficial relationships with each other.

Who Was on the Stage at The PDS Super-Conference?

We’re just bursting at the seams with pride on the caliber of presentations that graced the big stage on all three days. We can’t go through all of them here, but check out some of the highlights of the show:

  • John Maxwell | #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and world-renowned leadership expert treated us to the Five Levels of Leadership. He was a huge crowd-pleaser and captivated the audience with crucial leadership principles every pharmacy owner should understand as they aim to grow into a better leader.
  • J.R. Martinez | “We all grow up with goals for ourselves…but sometimes we can’t take the most direct path to our dreams.” J.R. Martinez talked about how to adapt and overcome anything that life throws your way with resiliency, determination, and a sense of humor.
  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson | Wow, his presentation was “magic!” The attendees were riveted by his presentation on “The Winning Way,” where he taught us how to build and empower high-performance teams that support the vision of their pharmacies.
  • Steve Gutzler | One of the nation’s top thought leaders on emotional intelligence, personal transformation, and leadership development. This interactive and engaging keynote walked our PDS learners through the ‘How-To’ of tapping into their full potential and performing at the top of their game under pressure.
  • Jeff Philipp and Josh McJilton | Unveiling PDS’ new version of proprietary software, RxAnalytcs, Jeff and Josh revealed our show-stopper on stage. This new software will enable PDS members to truly get behind their business analytics to discover the clear path to profitable scripts. But you’ll have to be a member to test drive!

Don’t Just Listen to Us

The reviews are in! We’ve been fortunate to have a flood of positive feedback about PDS2018. Instead of us going on about it; we’ll let them tell you what they thought:

“You get so much out of being there and taking time to focus on yourself and your business. It is also great for networking and meeting like-minded people within our industry and learning new growth opportunities.”

“It is a no brainer. My mistake is that I watched the free webinars for 5-6 years and didn’t join sooner. The cost scared me off for years. I didn’t think it could be ‘worth it.’ I was wrong. PDS helps your financials tremendously, but it changes your culture and your quality of life even more. As pharmacists, we all make a bunch of money no matter what. It isn’t about the money, it is about seeing the change in you, your staff, your patients and your family. Just do it. You will thank me later.”

“Every independent pharmacy owner is leaving money on the table, and I believe the programs PDS has in place addresses that. “

“Don’t wait around any longer and expect opportunity and success to trip and fall into your lap — get up, surround yourself with the best, and go find it.”

Special Edition Pharmacy Podcast featuring Highlights from PDS2018
Conference Guest Todd Eury, with Pharmacy Podcast, interviewed conference attendees and PDS Founder, Dan Benamoz, CEO, Jeff Phillip, and featured exhibitor Wellgistics.

  • Hear more about why Bill Henning, Pharmacist and Owner of Giant Genie Pharmacy continues to not only invest in the PDS Super-Conference but has also started bringing key staff to attend as well.
  • Cliff Holt of Hurricane Family Pharmacy has been attending for ten years, in spite of his initial plans to sign up for only one year. Once locked into PDS value, he realized that membership is a key investment he couldn’t afford NOT to make.
  • Learn about the goal that PDS has to become THE catalyst for independent industry growth and how we will leverage the extensive network of independents and industry exhibitors to make 2018 the best year for independent pharmacy.

Listen below:


Watch it For Yourself!

Now you don’t have to leave profitability, stronger leadership skills, and an upshift on culture on the table. You can still watch the 2018 PDS Super-Conference from the comfort of your own home. We have the Livestream available for those who wish to purchase at a special price… and you can watch it with your team! But hurry, access to the Livestream ends on March 31st.

Click here to purchase the PDS 2018 Livestream!

PDS Announces All-Star Lineup for 2016 Business Growth Conference in Orlando


 PDS Announces All-Star Lineup for 2016 Business Growth Conference in Orlando

Every year, PDS visionary, Founder, President and CEO, Dan Benamoz, personally selects the most impactful keynote speakers, topics and exhibitors to join us in Orlando for the annual PDS Super-Conference. The 2016 lineup is our best ever with business gurus and trailblazers slated to speak on topics like team leadership, pharmacogenomics, wealth management, pharmacy sales and marketing.

A special invitation from Kevin O’Leary of ABC’s Shark Tank:

10 Reasons to Attend Independent Pharmacy’s Premier Event This Year


Independent Pharmacy’s Premier Event

Every day is filled with difficult choices, but choosing which industry event to attend should be easy. The 12th annual Together Toward Tomorrow Independent Pharmacy Business Growth Super-Conference is right around the corner. From February 25-27, 2016, our nation’s most successful and up and coming pharmacy owners will come together to learn compelling solutions and new executable ideas that will set the stage for continuous growth in the year ahead. Today, more than ever before, we must possess the ability to foresee and welcome industry changes as they come – armed with the solutions that will help us win. With that in mind, here are ten reasons you should attend pharmacy’s main event, PDS 2016.


1. Three Eye-Opening Days

The 2016 Super-Conference is unlike any industry event you’ve ever experienced. For three days, you’ll step into a space that will give you the right tools to generate ideas and strategically plan your business operations in a way that can’t be done anywhere else. We will dare you to think bigger and better than you ever have before, to seek opportunities and challenge the status quo.

2. Ready to Implement Ideas

What small change can you make that can pay huge dividends right now? The concepts presented at this event will teach you how to operate your business from the position of clarity and control. Our speakers will share their strategic leadership, business management, finance and marketing tools to set the groundwork for your very own robust business model. They will inspire empowered financial decision-making through every stage of the business life cycle.

3. Inspirational Speakers

We’re bringing luminary speakers from pharmacy business management and beyond to inspire you, help you infuse new ideas into your business and provide insight into how you can keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Click here to learn more about the 2016 lineup of keynote speakers, which includes Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s Shark Tank.

4. No Clinical Programming

We know that you don’t need another course on diabetic footwear. At the PDS Conference, topics include wealth management, pharmacy leadership, employee development, customer service and culture, increasing pharmacy sales and pharmacy marketing… just to name a few. If you don’t walk away with at least five executable money-saving and money-making ideas, you weren’t listening.

5. Leading Industry Vendors

Connect with the 100+ world-class exhibitors who will deliver state-of-the-art automated pharmacy systems and services that will refine your operations and propel your business into the high-quality profit machine you have always envisioned. Each vendor is cherry-picked for quality and has the PDS stamp of approval.




6. The Best Networking in the Industry

You are the company you keep. Interact with the top 20% of pharmacy owners in the country and connect with the most progressive minds in the business. Year after year, participants have said that the value gained from lasting connections alone justifies the trip. You will learn what other pharmacy owners have been doing to become more profitable. Plus, who can resist a chance to unwind and socialize in Florida’s warm weather?

7. Access to Competitive Strategies

The pharmacy industry is ever-changing, from health care regulations to public opinion. In a world in which knowledge is power, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. The 2016 PDS Conference will unravel key data points that will show you how to drive your strategy, soothe your fears about the future, and give your pharmacy a competitive edge.

8. PDS Membership Test Drive

PDS16 is your chance to get up close and personal with current PDS Members and learn about Members-only programming. PDS Performance Specialists and Business Advisors will be giving demos, sharing tips and answering questions. The PDS team will be delighted to share the mechanics behind our unique training programs and the secret sauce that has caused our Members to earn up to 70 times return on their membership investment.

9. Online Speaker Sessions

Over the past twelve years, our keynote speakers have made dozens of groundbreaking presentations. As an added bonus with this year’s Conference registration, you will gain access to 10 brilliant speaker sessions from year’s past. In the weeks leading up to the event, you will have the opportunity to jumpstart your progress by listening to these sessions online.

10. Free Companion Pass

We encourage conference attendees to help spread the word about amazing innovations available for independent pharmacies. Each ticket includes an extra admission for anyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding of the nature, goals and challenges of our industry ($1,795 value). Bring another pharmacy owner and help us move Together Toward Tomorrow.

What changes will threaten your business this year and next? What new revenue and profit opportunities are you missing out on? There is only one way to make sure you are in the know. Register for the most crucial event you will ever attend for your business. Still on the fence? Contact us with your questions.


Pharmacy Resolution: Make Networking a Priority


pharmacy_resolution_2_networking_for_blog.jpgNever underestimate the power of networking! It may sound too good to be true, but investing the time to speak with like-minded professionals truly has the power to transform your business. That is why Make Networking a Priority is number 2 on our list of 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Pharmacy Owners in 2016.

Take PDS President and CEO, Dan Benamoz, for example. He attends industry events year-round and always comes back overflowing with new ideas from presentations attended and friendships formed. Whether it’s a profitable new business relationship or a revolutionary program for motivating staff, the benefits of networking are endless.

Why Does Networking Matter for Independents?

When you spend time with industry leaders, you have the opportunity to eliminate trial and error by hashing out your plans with those who have already implemented similar concepts successfully. Taking advantage of the opportunity to network with other pharmacy owners could save you countless dollars and hours. When done properly, you will build a supportive community of professionals who provide motivation and encouragement when you need it most.

Here are three easy tips to help you get started right away.

  1. Develop a Strong Introduction.

Be prepared to deliver an elevator speech that is impactful and concise. You will want to communicate who you are and why you are at the event, with enough information to keep the conversation flowing. You may also want to prepare a few questions you can use as conversation starters.

  1. Manage Your Expectations

When it comes to networking, a little preparation can go a long way. Before heading to the main event, take time to find out who will be in attendance and establish reasonable goals for yourself. For example, plan to meet ten new people and distribute five of your own business cards. Don’t forget that one high-quality conversation is more beneficial than twenty brief introductions.

  1. Practice Often

Networking is a skill that improves with experience. Even the most outgoing pharmacy owners can be slightly nervous when testing out a newly crafted elevator speech. The more you network, the easier it gets, so get started now and practice often. Attend pharmacy trainings in your area, get involved with your state association and register for the most impactful industry conferences.

The #1 Networking Opportunity for Independent Pharmacists

As an independent pharmacist, it’s easy to discount the fact that you are part of a large, impressive community, which is why networking with peers has proven to be an invaluable tool for thousands of pharmacy owners just like you. Make 2016 easier and better by spending time with other independents at the 12th annual PDS Conference. It is a ruthlessly fact-based, what’s-really-working-now event exclusively dedicated to building strength and security in your business and for us all as a collective, today and tomorrow – in a fast-changing healthcare, retail, and e-commerce environment, where the “slow” will die fast!


An Introvert’s Guide to Successful Networking






Business achievement often comes down to focusing on your strengths, while working to improve your weaknesses. If you happen to be more shy or introverted than the typical charismatic entrepreneur, don’t worry! Whether you enjoy it or not, networking is vital to the success of your independent pharmacy and with a little practice and preparation, you can become a networking guru. If you’re nervous about an upcoming conference, lunch meeting or party, experiment with these tips.

Manage Your Expectations

Rather than approaching your next social event with fear, manage your expectations by planning ahead. Before heading to the main event, establish reasonable goals. For example, you may determine to meet ten new people and distribute five of your own business cards. Remember that one high-quality conversation is more beneficial than twenty brief introductions.

Practice Your Introduction

Shy people have a more difficult time starting conversations with strangers, but a small amount of preparation can make a big difference. Develop a memorable introduction, also known as an elevator speech, to describe who you are and why your pharmacy is special. You may also want to prepare a few questions you can use as conversation starters. Research the event to find out who will be there and what their interests are, so you will be prepared to discuss relevant topics.

Set a Time Limit

If you are especially nervous about a particular event, plan to stay for a short time only. Instead of planning to stay for the duration, start small by committing to one hour. Showing up is the first step. You may surprise yourself by decidingto stay longer.

Practice Often

Networking is a skill that improves with experience. Even an extrovert can be slightly nervous when testing out a newly crafted elevator speech. The more you network, the easier it gets, so get started now and practice often.

Introverts draw energy from being alone, so taking breaks can help immensely. Next time you feel drained at an industry event, return to your hotel room, go for a walk outside or find a quiet spot in the lobby to decompress. No matter what, do not let a fear of networking hold you back. For introverts and extroverts alike, the advantages of networking far outweigh the risks.

Every year, pharmacy owners of every kind attend the industry’s main event and report that it’s the most valuable thing they do for their business all year long. Don’t miss the opportunity to network and learn from America’s best pharmacy owners at the Independent Pharmacy Together Toward Tomorrow Conference. Tickets are now available.

Click here to learn more and register now.

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The Future of Independent Pharmacy Ownership






Today’s pharmacies are at a significant crossroads between the conventional drug-dispensing identity of the past and a pioneering clinical role with health care provider status. For the past several decades, the concept of “provider status” has been tossed around at every pharmacy school, pharmacy association meeting and pharmacy work site. Provider status is frequently discussed at networking events, so you may be asking yourself “Is it really vital to our profession’s survival?” The answer is a definitive yes.

How will your pharmacy practice evolve to meet the needs of the 21st-century health care system? Pharmacists’ services have begun to grow well beyond functions tied only to dispensing medications. Many of today’s pharmacists also provide such advanced patient-centered services as:

  • Coordination of medications (also known as a med-sync program)
  • Medication management
  • Comprehensive medication reviews with ongoing medication monitoring
  • Chronic disease management
  • Disease education
  • Prevention and wellness services
  • Patient education

For patients to achieve the full benefit of their medications, pharmacists must be an integral part of the health care team. Why is it so important for your pharmacy to achieve provider status?

 Help the Economy

Improving quality of life and overall health in a cost-effective manner are important goals for everyone. Proper use of medications is essential to meeting that goal, particularly for those with chronic conditions requiring complex medication therapies. According to a 2009 study, the treatment of chronic diseases costs the U.S. health care system $1.7 trillion annually, accounting for about 75% of healthcare expenses. Even a small improvement in chronic disease management would result in substantial savings for your patients. As millions of Baby Boomers age into retirement, the opportunities to decrease costs are even more important to the economy.

Keep Your Customers Healthy

The impact of medication misuse is staggering. Each year, there are more than 1.5 million preventable medication-related adverse events in the United States alone. Furthermore, the health care system incurs nearly $290 billion dollars annually in mostly avoidable costs to treat issues that arise from inappropriate medication use. Non-adherence alone results in $100 billion each year in excess hospitalizations. Pharmacists like you bring comprehensive knowledge on the useof medications for the treatment, management and prevention of diseases to the health care team. You care about your customers, so achieving provider status is just one more way to give them the best care possible.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

If your pharmacy reaches provider status, your patients will no longer need to make an appointment with their primary care doctor for simple tests related to chronic diseases, patient assessments, and disease management. Your patients will maintain their health, have a better understanding of their medications and save money. If you can provide these additional services, patients will be increasingly loyal to your business.

When pharmacists are involved as active members of the healthcare team, patient outcomes improve, they report higher rates of satisfaction, and overall health care costs are reduced. Recognition and coverage of pharmacist-provided patient care services should create more incentives for pharmacy owners to expand the services offered and integrate these services into evolving business models. Understanding this and staying ahead of the competition is vital to your pharmacy’s success.

Pharmacy ownership is constantly evolving and the best way to make sure you remain ahead of the curve is to attend the industry’s main event. You will network with like-minded industry professionals and learn about every significant change to pharmacy ownership at the PDS Together Toward Tomorrow conference.


7 Reasons to Attend Pharmacy Industry Events





One of the best ways to improve your pharmacy is to spend time learning from mentors, experts, and other independent pharmacy owners who can motivate and encourage you in a pharmacy industry event. There is great value in surrounding yourself with people who possess similar business values, goals, and interests. Connecting with people who understand your daily struggle and have the wisdom to share their experiences is easier than you think.

Many pharmacy owners express that taking the time to attend an industry event is a huge challenge. Meanwhile, the pharmacy owners who make networking and continuing education a priority, never regret their decision to do so.

Here are seven reasons why you need to attend a pharmacy industry event this year:

1. Networking

Never underestimate the importance of meeting and talking with your industry peers. Hearing that you are not alone and that others are experiencing the same challenges can be a huge morale booster. Meeting like-minded pharmacy owners will provide motivation and the opportunity for new partnerships and friendships.

2. Exposure to New Ideas

No matter how experienced you are, there is always something new to learn. At industry events, you are exposed to a world of new ideas, programs, and techniques that can improve your business. Spending time with the industry’s top innovators will help get your creative juices flowing and will allow you to select new concepts to implement in your pharmacy.

3. Discover New Vendors and Suppliers

In many cases, conference attendees shy away from the tradeshow floor, because they want to avoid aggressive salespeople. At a reputable conference, the vendors are selected for their high-quality products, integrity and commitment to the client’s success. In that case, pharmacy industry events are the best way to discover innovative products and services that will make your life easier and help you stay ahead of the competition.

4. Regain Your Focus

The human brain cannot function at it’s highest level in times of stress and disorganization. A conference is a great opportunity to travel away from daily distractions, clear your mind and get refreshed. You will have the ability to refocus, develop new plans and implement new ideas like never before.

5. Stay in Touch with Old Friends

Conferences are the perfect time to reconnect with old classmates, colleagues, and mentors. You will undoubtedly have new ideas, experiences and stories to share with each other as you catch up. You will certainly make new friends, but some of your most meaningful business ideas could come from a conversation with someone you have known for years.

6. Position Yourself as an Expert

Being seen and heard during pharmacy events will serve you well in the future. When you are active in the industry, you can develop a reputation as an expert among your peers. If you are actively engaged over several years, you may even be asked to speak at events or write articles for various publications. Your customers will feel great about doing business with such a celebrated pharmacy. Being quoted by the local news or a highly visited website will do wonders for your business.

7. Have Fun

Don’t forget that conferences are also very fun! Industry events add a much-needed layer of enjoyment to managing your pharmacy’s growth by mixing a social aspect into your learning experience. Many conferences include fun activities such as meet and greet parties, happy hours, golf and even tours of the city where the event is hosted. You may even consider taking an extra day at the beginning or end of the trip to explore the region on your own.

In our fast-paced, constantly busy world, we often forget about the immeasurable value of face-to-face interaction with industry peers and leaders. Do not miss the opportunity to make this your best year yet by empowering yourself with the tools and relationships needed for independent pharmacy success. The PDS Together Toward Tomorrow Conference is now open for registration!

If you are going to attend just one conference each year, make it this one. Pharmacy professionals just like you have already signed up, expecting to be empowered, educated, and encouraged. Together, we can make 2016 the best year of pharmacy and pave the way for a better future for the entire industry. Reserve your seat now.