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It can feel lonely out there, when things aren’t going the way they should. For most business owners, it means trying to choose from a bunch of bad options: take on debt, cut even more expenses or just hope things get better.

It’s not a trick or a gimmick. It’s the clarity you need to know what to do next, so your hard work isn’t being wasted on the wrong things. PDS wants to show you the way.

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It works because it has to,
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We’ll never ask you to sacrifice the standard of care you offer. In fact, we know that the only way to thrive is to protect it and improve it and our programs will help.


We’ll build a plan together, using our tools and experience, that will guide us to a better place. We will find success together when we have clear goals and clear next steps.


We’ll only ask you to do the things we have proven, over and over again, will help grow your business. No more guessing, we’ll make moves together with confidence.

Good Change Can Happen Fast, with the Right Tools and People Beside You.

Independent Pharmacies Thrive with PDS.


We start where it matters most: the bottom line. We’ll help you find quick wins that provide relief without getting in the way of future success.


Short-term fixes often have long-term consequences. With PDS at your side you’ll earn your way back to real, honest financial stability.


Align your team around what matters most right now. We’ll help you put the right people in the places where they’ll help you achieve the wins you need.


Identify what’s working and prioritize what needs to change. The right tweaks in the right places can completely change your game.

You’ve Got This.

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Wannamaker Drugs: New Hope After Years of Struggle, Leads to 24x ROI

“We felt like we were dying, and we felt like we didn’t have the resources or knowledge about business to get things thriving,” shares Lisa, recalling it was a struggle to figure out in what direction to take the pharmacy. After a failed attempt at hiring a consultant that resulted in huge costs, but no ROI, the couple were at their wit’s end. “By 2015, we were totally drained, both financially and emotionally.” It wasn’t until Chris came home with a PDS brochure that things started moving in a new and promising direction, recalls Lisa.

A Last Ditch Effort Quickly Becomes a Journey Toward
Unexpected Profitability

With PDS now at her side providing deeper insights into the business, digging into her “numbers” has been an illuminating process for Lisa. When looking at her margins per script, she and Chris realized a key piece of information – there was a discrepancy in their pricing table and they were losing money on their flu shots. “We found that we had been billing below the AWP for a long time – all the way back to 2014.” They resubmitted them, and recouped almost $4,000 in nine days. Says Lisa of their progress, “We’ve finally gotten over the hump and it feels good. I feel like we can finally see the light.”

“It has never been about the money for us, although we’re happy to be able to pay our bills. I’m looking forward to next year – now that we’ve got the basics under our belt – we’re really looking forward.”


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