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The independent pharmacy industry is tough. ​Too often, you have to navigate challenges within your pharmacy that leave you:

  • Feeling alone and unsure of what to do next
  • Eager to grow your pharmacy faster
  • Frustrated by declining reimbursements
  • Dejected by a lackluster team culture

Instead of worrying about what's out of your control, switch your ​focus to making changes that can significantly impact ​your bottom lines. 

We are excited that you've taken the next steps to improve your business. There will be challenges, there is no doubt about that, but the good news is that with a PDS membership you will have the tools and network to compete in this industry and win!

Founded 21 years ago, PDS has been transforming the independent pharmacy industry by helping owners achieve greater profitability with innovative strategies and technology. PDS’ data-driven, roadmap helped our members earn over $98 MILLION in extra profits in 2018.


After my first month as a PDS member, I paid for my entire annual membership due to a single PDS program, RxAnalytics. If you want to survive, make money, and see rapid growth, you cannot go it alone. You have to join PDS. 

Fadi N. 

PDS Member


It was a sinking ship, but now we're just over $21 per prescription in a year and a half. I learned how to stop worrying about prescriptions that weren't making us money. We have more flexibility. I am no longer in a month to month battle. 

Nate M. 

PDS Member


There are 100 things that PDS can help you with; you pick the five that work for you. It is personal and tailor-made for what I am looking for to get my business rolling again. PDS has given me hope that independent pharmacy will make it. 

Deborah K

PDS Member

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