"My pharmacy flourished and grew...following my decision to join."

Mike J.

"As a first-time attendee of the Super-Conference...all I have to say is WOW."

Wendy D.

"We reinvented ourselves as a business..."

Angela S.

"You have to be sustainable, you have to be successful and that is really the PDS impact."

Jason T.

"The impact has been almost immeasurable, from year to year, the things we continue to do...the benefits compound themselves."

Chris L.

"With what I have learned...that I would probably make more money if I still had that clinic by doing the services with this [Program] than actually running the clinic."

Larry S.

"Through the process [flu shots] I was able to send three daughters to college." 

Dan J.

" I've been able to save over $300,000 from the tips that were given at the PDS Super-Conference."

Sandra H.

"[PDS] provides me with my ideal lifestyle. I wanted to put my family first and have my social life. My business has to help provide those two things."

Kevin A.

"The biggest impact from PDS has been the change in our culture. We now have our employees setting goals."

Amy M.

"There is no other organization to go to, PDS is the one...they want you to succeed."

Jeff K.

"They [PDS] encourages you to do the things that you need to do to make your business the best it can be." 

Jason K.

"There are so many benefits from the education to the onsite visits, the coaching calls, the conference...they keep you 'laser-focused' on your business."

Andrew F.

"[PDS Trainings] has made me a much more effective manager and has made my staff much more engaged."

Jim C.

"You will see your savings and profit on your bottom line."

Sandra H.

"I am going back home and I am starting some of these ideas right away."

Cliff H.

"They have helped me in so many ways, not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint...it's been very rewarding."

Bob L.

"The change you will have in your life its absolutely believable...they do the things you need to do to make your business the best it can be."

Jason K.

"Reinventing ourselves to continuously focus on customer service...and to improve customer outcomes."

Chris L.

"It's given us motivation, it has given us the ability to believe in ourselves."

Jeff K.

"Some of the things you might not want to talk about...and having to make tough hard decisions."

Lea K.

"Looking at the different pharmacy management software is tremendous. You have three of the top pharmacy software's on the market in one room."

Andrew F.

"I have attended Employe Performance Management and I realized had never evaluated them, and they didn't know where they stand."

Amina A.

Big Profits & ROI

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PDS hosts a one-of-a-kind Super-Conference every year in Orlando and we hear over and over again from attendees that it’s the one industry event they won’t miss! Hosted and curated by PDS Founder and CEO, Dan Benamoz, the conference is filled with impactful keynote speakers, critical industry topics and over 100+ hand-picked exhibitors to help Independent Pharmacy owners stay ahead of the curve.

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