The Neuroscience of Sales: Amanda Gore

If you’re an independent pharmacy owner, you might already have an idea of how “sales” is supposed to look. Maybe you picture a man in a suit with slicked-back hair who uses every technique in the book to get someone to buy.

We get it: salespeople and selling have a terrible reputation. But the fact remains that if you are running an independent pharmacy, you are, by default, in sales. Selling is a form of communication, and a necessary skill you need to learn if you want to level up your business.

Read on to learn Amanda Gore’s emotional approach to sales and how she uses neuroscience principles to understand human behavior. Hear from Amanda Gore at the 2019 PDS Super-Conference, as she discusses how to connect, educate, and leverage non-traditional sales skills to influence audiences in a way that builds trust and grows your pharmacy.

The Name of the Pharmacy Game: Adaptability

Before we dive into discussing sales skills, keep in mind that owning a business is difficult and you’ll face obstacles that will discourage you. In the independent pharmacy industry, you’ll have to deal with things that are beyond your control, such as legislation, opaque pricing, and reimbursement structures.

There’s no way around it: it’s the price you pay to be an entrepreneur. The solution?

Staying adaptable and learning new skills that will impact growth in your business. Effectively and ethically ‘selling’ your services, ideas, and products is the next evolution for independent pharmacy.

Developing a Modern Sales Mindset 

The first step to mastering sales is getting rid of any preconceived notions. Remember, selling is not about not “manipulating” people to do something. The truth is that you’re always selling. When you’re pitching new ideas to your team or working to increase signups for a pharmacy program, you’re selling.

To be more effective, you must change your perception of your pharmacy patients. Picture everyone that comes into your business as someone that needs your help and the expertise of your pharmacy team. Your pharmacy is not merely a place to get prescriptions filled–it’s a crucial part of the neighborhood where people go to be happy and healthy.

If you have a product that you genuinely believe will help solve your friend’s problem or cure their illness, wouldn’t you do everything you can to convince them to buy it?

Listen Properly (Hardly Anyone Does) & Create Non-Verbal Connections

With the rising popularity of social media, we’re more connected than ever before. However, many of us are still unable to develop real human connections. That’s why as an independent pharmacy owner, you must practice ‘true listening’ with your patients.

Real listening is about…

  • being present with everyone you interact with: your patients, your team, or your prescribers.
  • striving to understand what the other person is trying to convey.
  • paying attention to the other person’s body language, making eye contact, smiling, and giving them your undivided attention.

You’ll realize that just by caring about the subject and addressing your customers’ concerns, your patients will find their way back to your pharmacy time and time again.

A New Way of Thinking 

Your independent pharmacy is a cornerstone in the community. Every day, people are placing their health and wellness in your hands. The personalized care you provide for the community IS the competitive advantage against chains and big-box retailers.

Embrace your role and start connecting with your patients. You can ethically affect positive change in the health and wellness of your community without sacrificing profitability. It’s your duty and responsibility as an independent pharmacy owner to learn how to sell, so you can help solve your customers’ problems.

Sales Skills for Pharmacy Owners 

Independent pharmacies face challenges and roadblocks at every turn, and the need to implement non-traditional revenue streams is greater now than ever. But how can you and your team overcome the difficulty of approaching doctors, administrators, and even patients with your collaboration ideas? How can you do that comfortably and ethically?

The skill you need: Sales. Professional, non-traditional sales skills. 

Learn how to effectively communicate and sell to the audiences that are critical to the success of your business, specifically prescribers, practice managers, patients, and even your own team.

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