Don’t just keep up with the industry. Own it.

Pharmacy Development Services’ training solutions will take your independent pharmacy from ordinary to extraordinary. Our comprehensive suite of courses will address all your training and team development needs from leadership to technician training. PDS also has developed a full offering of pharmacy-specific niche program trainings that are sure to benefit your patients and to increase your profits.

Live Training

Unlock your pharmacy's potential and take your team to new levels of achievement with proven PDS training programs. PDS members can choose from 13 live training courses.

Learn the ins and outs of your specific PBM manuals and contracts. Take a deep dive of CVS, ESI, OptumRx and Prime Therapeutics contractual and manual language.

Implement a healthy, aligned, and sustainable team culture with self-awareness skills that will show you how to implement change and transform the way you lead your team.

Learn to read, understand, and interpret your pharmacy’s financial statements and data allowing you to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Expand your pharmacy scope beyond just dispensing to include Clinical Services. This program works in conjunction with local physicians to generate additional revenue and drive new business to your pharmacy.

What is holding you back from your ideal future? What barriers are in the way of achieving the success you dream about in your personal and business life? Chances are, standing between you and your goals are nothing but self-imposed boundaries that have been burdening you for a lifetime.

Build the effective leaders that you need in your pharmacy’s future and develop your supervisory skills at this live training series that will guide the success of your business.

Created as the next level to Advanced Leadership training, the training focuses on inner trust first, then trust with your team and customers.

Develop an effective marketing plan for your independent pharmacy that supports existing strategies and targets your most profitable patients while driving business quickly and methodically.

Increase your front end sales by training your team to engage in patients and offer upsolutions such as nutrient depletion supplements. Ignite front end sales based on products already in your store.

Learn how to more effectively communicate with prescribers and practice managers and change the trajectory of your business and the quality of care for your patients.

This highly-experiential workshop is offered in an intimate, small group setting to provide you with the essential skills for effectively managing and developing your team. You will be engaged in many skill-building activities such as role-playing and self-awareness assessments.

Get a behind the scenes education from one of the most robust synchronization programs you will find. Spend 2 days inside a highly efficient pharmacy with the SyncRx+ guru himself.

Take the complexity out of offering a synchronization program for your patients. This training will take you through all the steps of creating this appointment based pharmacy business model.

Webinar Classes

Our webinar courses allow members to experience the depth of PDS pharmacy training with the convenience of a virtual classroom. Choose from 3 webinars to educate and elevate your team.

Build the critical skills needed to deliver top-notch customer service. This webinar-based course covers every step to building a pharmacy dream team. This training is guaranteed to improve interaction and communication with patients.

This course serves as a refresher for seasoned technicians and establishes a solid foundation for new hires. Attendees will leave confident in their ability to fulfill duties effectively and owners benefit from the on-going development of the team.

Show employees how to succeed and interact exceptionally with pharmacy customers and staff members. Attendees of this webinar-based course will learn to communicate effectively and build rapport with patients and customers.

On Demand Webinars

On demand training is available to all PDS members. Get instant access to valuable course content: anytime, anywhere. Watch our on demand courses and start experiencing results.

Secure your competitive edge with this on-demand webinar series that will guide compounding pharmacies through different topics ranging from start-up and diversification of compounds to marketing strategies for compounders.

Don’t believe the #1 myth of pharmacy ownership. You can control your Rx profits. Our proprietary program, RxAnalytics, will teach you how you can increase your average margin per prescription and be more successful than you ever thought possible.