Two-Day SyncRx+ Intensive Training

Since its inception, SyncRx, the patient synchronization program, has been wildly popular and proven effective many times over.  Now, SyncRx+ has taken the traditional SyncRx adherence model to the next level by adding an MTM component.

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Why Synchronize Using SyncRx?


The role of synchronization in improving patient health and medication adherence is UNDENIABLE!!! 

But synchronization is about more than just better patient adherence, a successful synchronization program will create opportunities to change the way you process prescriptions, schedule your staff, operate your workflow, order your inventory, market your services, and manage your pharmacy!!! 

Learn how to increase revenue without increasing your client base or your expenses!  Recently, NCPA announced that signing one new patient up for a medication synchronization program results in an additional 20 refilled prescriptions per patient per year.  Imagine expanding your program to 100 new patients – that’s an additional 2,000 prescriptions per year on the patients your existing patients.

Why SyncRx?  

SyncRx is a turn-key program with the structure and adaptability to work in any pharmacy, with any pharmacy system, to any staff, in any country across the globe.  SyncRx leverages a paper-and-pencil model to maximize accountability and sustainability with technology to merely simplify the prescription filling processes and automation for maximum efficiencies in any pharmacy!  The fact is, we have worked with pharmacies from across the country to teach their pharmacists and technicians the best practices for implementation and execution of a synchronization program and it works!  With no additional log-in, subscription, or platform training. With no other log-in, subscription, or platform training. 

What is SyncRx+?

SyncRx+ is driven by a step-by-step process to complete a Medication Therapy Review (MTR). It is used to identify interventions that would likely not be defined in the routine prescription-filling process to improve clinical quality measures and capture opportunities for UpSolutions and increased pharmacy sales. SyncRx+ is a system that has already been proven successful-- no need to go through trial and error! Created by PDS Member Jason Turner, he effectively uses SyncRx+ to improve his pharmacy’s performance.

What is SyncRx+ Intensive Training?

The TWO-DAY SyncRx PLUS Intensive Training offers you the information you need to train your pharmacists and technicians on how to implement a synchronization program in their pharmacy. It also shows you how to change workflow to create cost saving opportunities and more time for additional services, and how to implement the SyncRx+ component to improve quality clinical measures.  Over 100 pharmacies, from Hawaii to Puerto Rico have attended the seminar. 

During this two-day workshop, you will learn more about the Medicare Star Ratings and EQuIPP scores, the opportunities and best practices of a fruitful and sustainable synchronization program, and the processes behind the SyncRx+ MTM component.  You will receive all of the necessary templates, marketing ideas, and learn how to enroll patients effectively into the program.  You will work hands-on with your own patients’ information to develop a realistic game plan that’s ready to be implemented when you get back to the pharmacy.


If you are not processing 50% of your prescriptions through synchronization, you are not experiencing the full benefit!

If you do not have a sustainable process and a team to take your pharmacy to the next level with synchronization, we can help.

Pharmacy owners throughout the industry agree that SyncRx is the best medication synchronization option available. Here is why:

  • If you don't have a high-performance team, implementing any synchronization program won't get too far. The challenge is when you only have 10-20% of your volume processed through synchronization, you are always shifting staff around to complete tasks - creating stressful managing from the pharmacist and not much buy-in from the technicians.  Comprehensive SyncRx and SyncRx+ processes and templates were designed with owners in mind! You don't have to waste time reinventing the wheel.
  • SyncRx was designed to work successfully in your pharmacy – a paper-and-pencil method that leverages your pharmacy technology (regardless of your pharmacy software system) to create an implementable and trainable process without the additional expense of monthly software subscriptions and user-logins.  It’s simple and efficient!!!

SyncRx+ Intensive Attendees will:

  • Review the fundamentals of Medicare Star Ratings, EQuIPP scores, and MTM
  • Define the SyncRx synchronization and SyncRx+ process.
  • Review the opportunities for improved pharmacy workflow, cost-saving efficiencies, and best practices in synchronization.
  • Identify ways to clean-up and expand any synchronization processes to take your team to the next level.
  • Work hands-on with your own patients' information to synchronize them.
  • Prescriptions and perform the SyncRx+ MTM component.
  • Work individually and with a group to concentrate on your pharmacy while gaining the knowledge of others
  • Receive templates and marketing materials to begin implementing the program immediately.
  • Create goals and an implementation process for your pharmacy!

This training is like no other workshop PDS has ever produced!!!

Who should attend?

PDS Instructor, Jason Turner highly recommends bringing your technician and pharmacist to optimize the value of attending SyncRx+.

"I believe from experience that pharmacists who attend without their technicians OR technicians who attend without their owners ultimately do not experience the success of the entire pharmacist-technician team EVOLVING through the training process."

How much does it cost? 

PDS Members: $1,000 per person for the first ticket, $500 per person for additional tickets.

PDS Elite Members: Contact your Performance Specialist for code

Non Members: $3,400 for technician and pharmacist.

We encourage you to bring another member of your staff along to the training, so you are not the only one that learns how to use SyncRx and SyncRx+. This program will be that important to your pharmacy's future!!!


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