“When I started my PDS membership my average gross margin per prescription was at $8, now 5 months later it is up to $25!”

РJason B., PDS Member

Program Description

RxAnalytics will teach you how to take control of your pharmacy profits using data from your pharmacy and the collective data from within all of PDS members. Begin your journey to a more profitable pharmacy with our on-demand webinar series that will teach you and your team a new way of looking at your business of pharmacy. You will learn how to bring better outcomes to your patients while also learning how to increase your bottom line. Get the financial freedom you have been looking for.

Top Benefits Include:

  • Discover better outcomes and improved therapeutic options for your patients
  • Increase your average margin dollars per prescription
  • Earn more profits without filling more prescriptions
  • Gain access to turnkey resources to make implementing as simple as possible
  • You get the benefit of shared knowledge and experience of the entire membership
  • Run your business¬†smarter with a good understanding of your own data


Who Should Attend:

All Staff Members

PDS Members Only

Included in Membership?


Next Session:

On-demand through PDSadvantage

Financial Impact

Reporting pharmacies participating in RxAnalytics are showing a 22 times return on their membership investment on average

The average profit increases for pharmacies implementing RxAnalytics is $264,000

Take control of your profits instead of just passively standing by

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