Advanced Leadership Program (ALP)

Effective leaders inspire their teams to perform at the highest levels. However, affecting positive change in your pharmacy business doesn’t just happen; you have to have a strategy. Pharmacy Development Services has created a pharmacy leadership course specifically for owners and their key pharmacy team members. Led by highly-qualified facilitators, this course will cover a range of leadership topics that are essential to achieving organizational success. Our advanced leadership course is transformative on both personal and professional levels for those that attend.

  • Learn about key self-awareness skills that will transform the way you lead.
  • Implement change effectively to maintain sustainability for positive, long-lasting results.
  • Understand different styles of pharmacy leadership required to effectively lead a team.

Advanced Leadership Training takes place over a total of 6 days, broken up into 2-day sessions for 3 consecutive months at a regional location. This class should be taken by the owner first and then other key employees such as RPhs, pharmacy managers, and anyone that may step into a pharmacy leadership role.

Who Should You Attend Advanced Leadership Training?

  • Pharmacy Owners
  • Key Billing Employees

Advanced Leadership Training is available exclusively to PDS members.

Pricing for Advanced Leadership Training

  • $1,500 Elite & Premier Members
  • $1,800 July Special Price (Ends July 15th)
  • $3,000 Member List Price
  • $4,000 - 2018 List Price

Spring 2019
West Palm Beach, FL
Module 1: March 8-9
Module 2: April 5-6
Module 3: May 3-4

Spring 2019
Denver, CO
Module 1: March 15-16
Module 2: April 5-6
Module 3: May 17-18

Summer 2019
West Palm Beach, FL
Module 1: June 7-8
Module 2: July 12-13
Module 3: August 9-10

Summer 2019
Denver, CO
Module 1: June 21-22
Module 2: July 26-27
Module 3: August 16-17

Fall 2019
Denver, CO

Module 1: September 6-7
Module 2: October 11-12
Module 3: November 8-9

Fall 2019
West Palm Beach, FL

Module 1: September 13-14
Module 2: October 18-19
Module 3: November 15-16

Top Benefits

  • Create a strategy for changing behavior to achieve optimal results in the workplace.
  • Implement a leadership communication model based on brain science.
  • Learn core leadership skills including active listening, questioning, and non-violent communication.
  • Assess and understand your personal leadership style.
  • Build and sustain a remarkable team culture.
  • Create a concrete action plan.

Financial Impact

  • Developing a team with a great culture and organizational alignment not only reduces stress but increases employee satisfaction and reduces employee turnover.
  • As a better leader, you set the example for your team which has a great impact on your patient relationships.
  • Become the starting point for positive change in your business.
  • Strong leadership directly correlates to bottom line business results.

Testimonial from Advanced Leadership Alumni

To say this course transformed my life is an understatement. If you’re a pharmacy owner or in a position of influence, you need to take this course.

Bobby J.
PDS Member

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