“Whoa! If you are a pharmacy owner in need of another revenue stream, you must attend this training. Once you get back to your store and implement, you’ll wonder how you went without.”

РDavid C., PDS Member

Program Description

This workshop was created to make you the expert and teach every aspect of selling and delivering a Bedside Delivery Service in your local hospital. From researching profitable hospital units, to navigating how to penetrate the hospital administration — you will ultimately become the subject matter expert on transitions of care.

This 2 day live training has been specifically designed for pharmacy owners who are ready to take their Bedside Delivery relationships to the next level and answer the tough questions hospitals have about implementing this service onto their floors.

Top Benefits:

  • ¬†Research and present your Bedside Delivery pitch to local hospitals.
  • Conduct contract negotiations with our winning turnkey approach.
  • Focus on patient retention rate goals of 40%.
  • Develop a timeline from contract, BAA to pilot phase to meeting HR requirements and training both the pharmacy and hospital staff.
  • Customize templates for your pharmacy workflow, marketing, and hospital specifics.
  • Confidently answer FAQs from hospital administrations.


Who Should Attend:

Owner or RPh

PDS Members Only

Next Session:

Coming in 2018

Financial Impact

Gain business that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you by unlocking a new revenue stream.

Increase your customer base by retaining bedside patients as regular patients.

PDS members practicing Bedside Delivery report earning an extra $85,000 in annual profits.

Develop strategic relationship with other healthcare partners in your area.