Understanding my pharmacy's financial statements was the first step in taking control of my business and profitability. Take the guesswork out of understanding your financial data. 

Sasha H.
- PDS Member

Program Description


Who Should Attend:
Owner, RPh, Manager

Included in Membership?
Elite members:
Standard pricing: $1,500
Adv members:
Standard pricing: $1,500

Next Session:
April  21-22, 2017
Tempe, AZ
Doubletree Hotel
2100 South Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282

Pearson's Law:
Everything measured improves, and everything measured and reported on improves exponentially.

In any business, including your pharmacy, the scorecard is your financial statements. It's how you measure whether or not, you are on the right track. Your statements tell you what's working and what's not. Is your pharmacy making progress or falling behind? Cashflow and Financial understanding are your keys to discovering the answer. In this workshop, you will learn how to read, understand and interpret your financial statements along with other pharmacy data to help you make better management decisions, course-correct and seize opportunities.

Why this workshop is important

Cashflow 101 is a workshop designed to help you identify what's happening in your business long before it's symptoms manifest. It guides you how to read, understand and interpret your financial statements along with other critical pharmacy data. All of this will help you make better decisions based on data rather than just instinct, giving you the financial knowledge to make better management decisions, react to issues sooner, course-correct, and be able to seize new opportunities.

This course is designed for pharmacy owners who are ready to take control of their finances, please join us at this two-day regional workshop, taught by Tom Wheelwright, founder and CEO of ProVision CPA firm, and PDS Founder and CEO, Dan Benamoz, who has successfully developed and managed over 8 Independent Pharmacies for the last 9 years.

Top Benefits:

  • Learn to use ratios to improve your cash flow and how to identify them
  • Reduce you account receivables to increase your cash flow
  • Track and manage financial patterns in your business
  • Understand how to separate your tax strategy from your business strategy
  • Ensure peace of mind - knowing you are on solid financial ground

Financial Impact

Understand the causes and solutions for poor cash flow.
With a better understanding of your financials you can make better decisions about your business. 
Learn how to evaluate business decisions from the perspective of their impact on cash flow.