“It was eye-opening! A huge stress-reliever to know alternative ways to generate revenue and make pharmacists a valuable tool for doctors. I love the idea of working together to not only to stay afloat, but thrive!”

– Raj P., PDS Member

Program Description

One of our tenets here at PDS is simple: find the money, don’t wait for it to find you! As a business owner, you must recognize where your revenue streams are, so you can optimize your profitability. During this 2 day live training, we will show you how to integrate your clinical pharmacists into physicians offices so you can generate additional revenue from the visits alone, plus offer upsolutions and drive new business to the pharmacy.  We’ll give you all the tools and resources you need to begin operating in a doctor’s office right away.

Top Benefits:

  • Discover the world of opportunities your business can take advantage of with this program.
  • Learn how to develop and nurture a vital working relationship with local physicians.
  • Position your pharmacy as a health care destination.
  • Learn how to get started with annual wellness visits.
  • Uncover various, profitable billing codes and how to execute them seamlessly.
  • Leave with a tailored action plan to achieve immediate results.


Who Should Attend:

Owner or RPh

PDS Members Only

Next Session:

Coming in 2018

Financial Impact

Results for 10 AWV a day for 2 days a week for 50 weeks a year, this will result in $175,000 in revenue annually

Additional profits are available from data mining, MTMs, therapeutic changes or other additional prescriptions, these upsolutions can total
approximately $200,000

Results for 20 chronic care management patients a week for 50 weeks will result in an additional $46,000 in revenue