Customer Service Guru

This 6 week, webinar-based course is perfect for every team member, regardless of position. We offer this course three times a year, so your employees can always stay in touch with customer relationship best practices. Increase your employees’ basic customer service skills that are specifically needed to excel in pharmacy.

Top Benefits

  • Explore the attitudes and motivators that drive behavior, and learn how to become a client advocate.
  • Practice focusing on the “total message” with effective listening, responses, and pacing skills.
  • Manage various forms of communication and establish positive relationships.
  • Build loyalty through exceptional customer care.
  • Uncover the needs and wants of the customer while increasing the company’s bottom line by offering OTC and supplement UpSolutions.

Financial Impact

  • Save time and money by having your team trained by an experienced customer service guru.
  • Give your customer service employees the confidence they need to perform all the duties that are expected of them.
  • Increase customer loyalty with a highly trained and engaged staff.

Who Should Attend Customer Service Guru Training?

  • Cashier
  • Technician
  • Any Employee

This webinar course is available exclusively to PDS members.

What is the cost to attend?

This training is included in the price of PDS membership.

2019 Schedule:

Spring 2019
Begins March 13th at 1pm ET

Summer 2019
Begins May 8th at 1pm ET

Fall 2019
Begins September 18th at 1pm ET

I didn’t realize how under trained my team was in dealing with patients on a daily basis. Once my staff finished the course, it showed in the way they interacted with our customers. I couldn’t be more proud.

Helen L.
PDS Member