Dare to Be Free

What is holding you back from your ideal future? 

What barriers are in the way of achieving the success you dream about in your personal and business life? Chances are, standing between you and your goals are nothing but self-imposed boundaries that have been burdening you for a lifetime. Even subconsciously, these fears can become so inflated that you see your dreams as unattainable and settle for a future you don't really want. 

For many, this has become a way of life. You think in terms of what you can't accomplish as opposed to the success you are capable of. The key is to tap into your inner-self, to take the time to look within so you can analyze why you are bogged down and transition that powerful energy into a strong and confident stream of consciousness.

Dare to Be Free

The Dare to Be Free retreat is designed to take you out of you normal routine and rebuild your way of thinking for actionable, personal development in your home and pharmacy. Over one weekend, this program will isolate your
self-imposed barriers, evaluate their origin, dissect your inner thought process and help you break through to an entirely new way of thinking.

See how this program transformed one of our members!

This program can produce life-changing results. Let's hear from one of our former attendees who is a testament to the power of this program and was a 2015 Showcase of Success Presenter at our PDS Conference earlier this year.

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You'll learn how to: 

  • Identify and label your behavior patterns to understand which specific thoughts lead to your desired outcome and which bring you down
  • Break free from feelings, thoughts and behaviors that weigh you down and develop new strategies to combat the nagging voice in the back of your mind
  • Take action with integrity instead of fear and doubt
  • Understand the neuroscience behind the decision making process to leverage your own thinking pattern into a positive lifestyle
  • Make practicable changes to yourself, and in turn, your business and those that surround you, that will have lasting effects on your personality and the way you do business


Is this program for you?

The Dare to Be Free workshop is for pharmacy owners who want to gain momentum and sustain the life they desire. Are you ready to commit to opening yourself up to a new way of thinking? If you have been seeking a total transformation or need a reboot in your life and business, this program is for you.


The cost of this program is $1,350 for Core, Advanced and Elite members.

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This event has been cancelled.

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